Human mind tries to seek an explanation for all the events happening around its vision. This is such a story of a man seeking an explanation for an incident in his life.


Chapter 1: A lonely place
The place was a marshy land. There was a river running through the marshy land. The force of the river was mild.

The Terrain in which the river flew was a flat one.

Nut grass was occupying on both the sides of the river bank.

The height of the Nut grass was more than 4 feet.

The Nut grass got populated on both the sides of the river bank.

The place got deserted in such a way that people will fear to enter.

But a young man was taking bath in the middle of the river.

The water was running up to his hip level.

He said to himself, “You are a hero Ganesh”

His courage was ultimate that, he was bathing in the midst of that deserted river.

At that time he realized something rubbing his hip from the water.

He turned back to see what it is.

He exclaimed,”Oh! My God, It is a snake”
It was a green snake. It looked vigorous and angry.

Ganesh got afraid and started running in the water.

The snake followed him.

Ganesh turned to see it.

On seeing the Snake following him, he picked up speed.

On seeing Ganesh picking up speed, the snake also accelerated its velocity.

Ganesh ran towards the area of lesser water depth.

He was running towards the bank.

The water level reduced below his knees.

The snake got angry and with a vibrant sound, it jumped over his right leg.

It opened its mouth and grabbed the calf muscles of his right leg.
The snake bit the flesh of his leg.
“Aaaah! “Shouted Ganesh and opened his eyes.
He was lying in his bedroom on the floor.
He then realized that it was a dream. There was no snake or nothing.
He was not bathing in a river. He was just in his room.
He switched on the light and saw the wall-clock.
It showed 12 O clock and it was night time. Ganesh never had such a bad dream in his life.
He still was not out of the dream. He walked towards the kitchen.

He took a Tumbler and opened the tap of the water can.

He drank a glass of water and relaxed for a while.

The night was silent. He analyzed why he could have got such a kind of dream.

He raised some questions to himself, “Did I go to any snake park?”
“Did I go to any river to bath?”

“Or Did I kill any snake in the recent days?”

For all the questions, he had “No” as the only answer.
Again he laid down to sleep. Now there was a clarity in his mind while he was sleeping.

But he still did not have any clue of his dream.
He slept again.



Chapter 2: A Colleague’s Discussion

The next day morning, Ganesh started from his home and went to the office.

He went to his table to start his work.

He was working in a Media company called Boltz.

The Managing Director of the company was Mr. Rethinam.

Rethinam came to his table for a discussion.

Rethinam said, “Good Morning Ganesh”

Ganesh said, “Good Morning sir”

Rethinam said, “We have a new proposal to make a short film”

Ganesh said,”Oh I see”

Rethinam said,” we have the director in our conference room, will you come for a discussion?”

Ganesh said, “Sure sir”

Ganesh and Rethinam went to the conference room.

There was a guy sitting in the room, who could be at the age of 25.

Rethinam introduced him to Ganesh,”Ganesh, please meet Mr. Mohan”

Rethinam added,”Mr.Mohan please meet Mr.Ganesh, The Company’s Vice president”

Mohan said, “Nice to meet you, sir”

Ganesh said, “Nice to meet you”

Rethinam said,”Mr.Mohan, please tell a short brief about the story to our Vice president”

Mohan said, “A short brief? Is it ok sir?”

Ganesh said, “Yes it is ok because we have much work, your project is already selected, so don’t worry”

Mohan said, “A man tries to link his dream and real life events”
Ganesh asked, “What? How is that possible?”

Mohan said, “He just tries to make a link”

Ganesh said,’’ Ok…continue”

Mohan said, “He has a dream in which he gets chased by a green snake”

Ganesh exclaimed, “What? Green snake?”

Mohan said, “Yes sir, Green snake”

Ganesh asked, “Is that Green snake poisonous?”

Mohan replied, “No sir, generally most of the Green snakes are non-poisonous”
Ganesh said,”Ok! Then what happens in your story?”

Mohan said, “While he tries to escape, it bites him in his right leg calf muscle”

Ganesh astonished, “What? Right leg calf muscle…mmm…ok then?”
Mohan said,” He wakes up from his dream”
Ganesh asked,”Oh! Is it a dream?”

Mohan said, “Yes sir”

Ganesh said, “Why does the dream happen to him?”

Mohan said, “That is what he is trying to search for in the story”

Ganesh said, “How does your film end?”

Mohan said,” The man produces a film with the theme of snake chase”
Ganesh said,”Oh! Then you mean to say, he had a prior vision of his own movie in his dream”

Mohan said, “Yes sir”

Ganesh asked, “Does green snake bites?”

Mohan said, “No sir, it rarely bites”

Ganesh asked, “Then how are you going to film the biting scene?”

Mohan replied, “Using computer technology”

Ganesh said,”Ok, please carry on with your work, I have some assignments now, Bye”

Mohan said, “Thank you, sir”

Ganesh left the room.

Rethinam stayed with Mohan for further discussion.

Ganesh came to his Table.

Ganesh thought,”Oh My god, It is my dream, and it is happening the next day itself, How is it possible?”

Ganesh again thought, “And this guy concludes it with a movie making project”

“It cannot be a pure coincidence”, said Ganesh to himself



Chapter 3: A Snake Expert

Ganesh took the intercom phone and dialled to the secretary.

The secretary answered, “Hello sir”

Ganesh said,”Sheela, can you send me a cup of coffee?”

Sheela said,” Yes sir, I will send it immediately”

Ganesh said, “Thank you “

He placed the receiver on the phone.

He immediately got a phone call.

Ganesh answered, “Hello”

The Other end said, “Hello sir is this Mr.Ganesh?”

Ganesh said, “Yes sir, May I know who is this?”

The Other end said, “I am Sharath, the Snake expert”
Ganesh said,”Oh! Snake expert! What is this call about?”

Sharath said,”Mr. Rethinam informed me to contact you”

Ganesh said, “About which proposal?”
Sharath said, “They asked a green snake for a movie shoot”
Ganesh said,”Oh! Do you have one with you?”

Sharath said, “Yes sir, I do have”

Ganesh said, “Then you come and meet Mr.Rethinam and talk about your rental rates”

Ganesh added, “And get your dates finalized”

Sharath said,”Oh! Thank you, sir”

Ganesh said,” You are welcome, please be with the project until completion, money is not a matter”

Sharath said, “Sure sir, I will give my best”

Ganesh said, “Thank you, bye”

Sharath said, “Thank you, sir, bye”