Some friendships are on a long-term basis, Some friendships last for a short while. But both the form creates a certain level of impact on the people involved. Here is a story of a short term friendship. Let us see what level of impact it creates on the people involved.


Chapter 1: The New Project
Kumar was a site engineer in Tight trigger consulting engineers limited.

Their company got a new project for which he got appointed as the project in charge.

It was a Monday morning, Kumar went to his office by 9 O clock.

On entering the office, the secretary Shilpa greeted him,”Good Morning Kumar”

Kumar greeted,”Good Morning Madam”

Shilpa asked,”How was your weekend?”

Kumar answered,”It was fine”

Shilpa said,” There is a diary for you on your table”

Kumar said,”Oh, Thank you, madam, Is our boss available today?”

Shilpa said,”Yes, he is available”

Kumar said,”Ok, I need to meet him, can you ask permission for me?”
Shilpa said,”Oh! yes sure”

Kumar said,”Thank you” and went to his cabin.

After five minutes, Shilpa came to his cabin

Shilpa said,”Yes Kumar, you can meet the boss”

Kumar went to the private cabin of his managing director Nathram.

Nathram greeted him,”Good Morning Kumar”

Kumar said,”Good Morning sir”

Nathram said,” I think you have come to discuss our new project in C.M.R Project?”

Kumar said,”Yes sir”

Nathram said,” What are your plans for this week?”

Kumar said,” Sir, Today I will be working at office in preparing a planning document”

Nathram said,”Oh, that is fine”

Kumar said,”Tomorrow I will visit the site and do the reconnaissance survey “

Nathram said,”Oh, good, how are you going to the site?”

Kumar said,”I will take a cab sir”

Nathram said,”Ok You inform Shilpa to arrange a cab for you”

Kumar said,”Ok sir”

Nathram said,”Do you need any cash for site expenses?”

Kumar answered,”Yes sir”

Nathram said,”Ok, you meet the accountant and get a cash advance”

Kumar said,”Oh thank you, sir”

Nathram smiled

Kumar left the room of the managing director.

Kumar informed Shilpa to arrange a cab for the next day.

Kumar went to the Accountant Jihesh.

Kumar asked,”Jihesh, how are you?”

Jihesh said,”Fine, how are you?”

Kumar said,”I am fine”

Jihesh said,”Any help you need?”

Kumar said,”Yes, I am in need of cash for site expenses”

Jihesh answered,”When do you need?”

Kumar said,”I have a site visit tomorrow, so I need it by today evening”

Jihesh said,”Ok, I will transfer it to your account today”

Jihesh added,”You give your cash need through this form”

Kumar obtained the cash need form and filled it.

He gave the form to Jihesh and went to his workspace.



Chapter 2: The Site Visit

The next day morning, Kumar was preparing himself for the site visit at his home

Kumar got a phone call.

Kumar answered the Phone,”Hello”

The Other end said, ”Sir, I am Vignesh from C.K. travels”

Kumar replied,”Oh, yes, tell me”

Vignesh said,” Your company has booked a cab from our agency for today”

Kumar said,”Yes, where are you now?”

Vignesh said,” I am in Kotturpuram now”

Kumar said,”You need to come to saidapet to pick me up”

Vignesh said,”At what time sir?”

Kumar said,”Now the time is 7.30 a.m., have you had your breakfast?”

Vignesh said,”No sir, not yet”

Kumar said,”Ok, then please come here first, then we will have breakfast together on our way to the site”

Vignesh said,”Ok sir”

It was 8 O’ clock when Vignesh’s car reached Kumar’s house.

Vignesh called Kumar through his phone.

Kumar answered,”Yes Vignesh, I will be there in five minutes”

Vignesh waited in the cab. Kumar came out of his house.

Kumar smiled at Vignesh and said,”Good morning “

Vignesh said,”Good morning ”.

Vignesh added, “Sir, where I need to go?”

Kumar said,”Please go to Hotel Sangeetha in Adyar”

Vignesh said,”Ok sir”
The car was going at an average speed. It was traversing through the busy traffic of Chennai.

Vignesh was much impressed by the appearance of Kumar.

He thought that Kumar was a great person and hence he admired him.

Within 15 minutes, they became good friends.

Kumar too got impressed by the speech of Vignesh.

Though Vignesh was a cab driver, he had good knowledge on current trends of politics.

The car reached Sangeetha hotel at 8.30 a.m.

Both of them entered the hotel to have their breakfast.

Their chat continued in the breakfast session also. Interesting topics stormed through their conversation during their food time.

The bond of their friendship became still stronger in that period.

Chapter 3: Uncertainty of events

Vignesh and Kumar finished their breakfast and came out of the hotel.

Vignesh asked,”Where I need to go next, sir?”

Kumar answered,”Please go towards C.M. Road”

Vignesh said,”Ok sir”

The car was moving towards C.M. Road and it entered the C.M. Road.

After 15 minutes, Kumar said,”Please stop by that A.T.M. counter”

Vignesh said,”Ok sir”

Vignesh stopped the car by the side of the A.T.M. counter which Kumar pointed at.

Kumar entered the A.T.M. and took out his wallet.

Kumar pulled his debit card from his wallet and put it into the A.T.M.

The Machine was a pull in type card reading A.T.M.

Hence, when Kumar slipped in the card, it pulled in the card.

At that time, the Security of the A.T.M came inside as he had his bag kept inside the A.T.M room.

Kumar took the cash and came out of the A.T.M counter.

Kumar got into the car and the car started.
The car moved another 500 meters. At that time, Kumar got an S.M.S through his phone.

Kumar took his phone and saw.

The S.M.S indicated an extra withdrawal of Rs.10,000/-

Kumar withdrew only Rs.5000/- and after that, the balance was  Rs.15,000/- in his account.

Kumar shouted,”Vignesh! stop the car!”
Vignesh asked, “What is the problem sir?”

Kumar realized that he had not pulled out the card from the A.T.M.

Within five minutes another withdrawal has happened.

Kumar said,”Oh man, I have left my debit card in the A.T.M”

Vignesh said,”Oh, that is not a problem sir, we can recover it”

Kumar said,”No man, there is another withdrawal of Rs.10,000/-“
Vignesh said,”What? How can that be?”

Kumar said,”It could be the security person”

Vignesh said,” Why didn’t you take your card back sir?”

Kumar said,” I forgot man, it was just a carelessness”

Vignesh turned the car back at the next U-turn on the road.

He drove it towards the A.T.M.

Anger was fuming in the eyes of Kumar.

Vignesh saw the eyes of Kumar and said,”Sir, please be calm, don’t fight! We will enquire first”

Kumar said,”Ha! Yes, we will enquire first!”

But his words were not satisfying for Vignesh.

Both of them reached the A.T.M. counter.

The security guard was standing out.

Kumar went to him and asked,”Did anybody use the A.T.M. within this five minutes?”

The security guard told,”No sir”
Kumar asked,”Then, who took my money?”
The security guard blabbered,”Sir! Sir!.I don’t know”
Vignesh saw the eyes of the security. It was full of fear.
Vignesh confirmed that he could be the thief.

Vignesh shouted towards the security,”Ai! We have the S.M.S of withdrawal message”

Vignesh added,”The person who has withdrawn would have got recorded in the camera inside”

Kumar said,”Yes, tell us the truth”

The security guy bluffed,”Sir, I don’t know”

Vignesh pounced over him and gave a strong punch in his face.

Blood splashed out of the security’s mouth.

The security guy got afraid and took out the money from his pocket and gave it to Kumar.

The security guy said,”Sorry sir, I lost my mind on seeing an opportunity to steal”

Kumar said,”You fool! you might have lost your job”

Vignesh controlled his anger and stood behind.

The security guy’s mouth was bleeding.

Vignesh also told,”Sorry man, if you have handed over the money first, I would not have beaten .”

Chapter 4: A call from an executive

Kumar came to his office in the evening.

Vignesh said,”Bye sir, please be in touch”

Kumar said,”Ok Bye, take care”

Both of them departed.

Kumar entered the office.

Shilpa asked,”Hello Kumar, did the survey went well?”

Kumar said,”No madam”

Shilpa asked,”What happened, sir?”

Kumar explained all the matter happened in the morning at the A.T.M. counter.
Shilpa exclaimed,”Oh! My goodness, Vignesh hit that guy?”

Kumar said,” Yes madam”

Shilpa asked,”from when did you know Vignesh?”

Kumar said,”Today morning only, at 8 O clock and the fight happened at 9.30”

Shilpa asked,” For the sake of 1 and half hour friendship, will he beat a thief?”

Kumar laughed,”Yes madam, he is vibrant”

Kumar went to his cabin and switched on his computer.

Kumar’s cell phone rang.

Kumar answered the call,”Hello”

The other end said,”Sir I am calling from Hack point security services”

Kumar asked,”What is your name?”

The other end said,”I am Sharath”

Kumar asked,”What is this call about?’

Sharath said,” We provide security for your debit and credit cards”

Kumar asked,”How?”

Sharath said,”You have to register your profile with us “

Kumar asked,”What are the benefits?”

Sharath said,” Main benefits are that you will be able to track the card on loss”

Kumar said,”Oh is it?”

Kumar added,” Oh, you do a private police activity”

Sharath said,” mmm…not exactly, but the tracking part only”

Kumar said,”Anyways I am having a lot of work, please call me later”

Sharath said,”Sir, please take a registration with us”

Kumar said,”Do you charge any fees?”

Sharath said,”Yes sir”
Kumar said,”Sorry, I am not interested, Bye”
Sharath said,”Sir! Sir! Sir!”
Kumar cut the call.