Well it was in the final year of my MBA, when I actually felt what and how it means to be in love, romance in air, happier and chirpier world moving around you etc etc…For the very first time I met Shubham Gupta , we could not take our eyes off each other…yes we were burning in anger, ready to murder each other. We were competing and were trying harder to win the college trophy. And a slight mismanagement flared up our anguish. Later, through a common friend we patched up but couldn’t stop thinking about each other since the very first meet ! Gradually anger transformed into friendship than on valentine’s day it gradually shaped into unconditional love…with so much drama & activity that pun was always added n intended ! The evening which made me feel like a women with unlimited dreams and passion… he surprised me by confessing his love for me at the most romantic place (the corner seat of the restaurant ) where we met for the first time and couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. He not just literally knelt down but made me even read his diary in which he has beautifully penned down our meetings with minute details and the feeling which he was nurturing for me. And when I broke down and accepted ; he slid down a b’ful diamond ring in my ring finger promising lifetime share of each gain & pain; meal and wine…its almost 5 years of our courtship and I am proud to say that worst enemies can be best lovers.