After my work, I always head to a near by coffee shop with my besties we almost forget our worries n indulge in gossiping which s d fav hobby of any gal b whoeever enter that coffee shop we don't give a damn as we r busy with each other. Mean while I started observing a guy who used to visit the same cafe he starred staring at me,Trying to give a smile n all bull shit but I dint mind as he was not a trouble maker may be a silent lover 
Day passed by used to sit next to our table takeout his phone n started doing something with it 2 weeks 1 month he never missed a single day and frankly speaking he made me to have a crush on him then one fine day he dared his guts approched me with an envelope which contained all my pics which I used to spend in that cafe. Mera har Ek pic almost 500 pics, mad he s, Now I got it cell se vo mera pic click karta har din n it was written inside I hate coffee but started coming for u choo sweet lights off cake aaya candles balloons music he went down on his knees took my hand n asked -"Will you marry me" I'll hire all the cafe's for you in town" ahh today he is my husband and 
Most caring dashing Hubby one can have,Love u