Rajiv was a very famous business man in the whole city and he was extremely successful as a business man. The biggest quality in Rajiv was that he was extremely rich and a very down to earth person, he was not proud of what he was or how rich he was. He always used to help others and respect his elders, he was an honest man in all sense.

One day he was on his way back to home from the office in his brand new costly car, he suddenly stopped his car underneath a building which was under construction and many people were working on it. He suddenly saw a little boy who was carrying bricks from one place to the other. Rajiv kept on looking at that boy for a while and while looking at him his mind drowned into the thoughts of his past.

Rajiv’s parents had died when he was a kid and he spent all his childhood with his relatives who never really liked Rajiv, in fact, they used to treat him in an ill manner and they treated him more like a servant rather than a relative. They didn’t send Rajiv to school, in fact, they asked him to earn money by doing work. Rajiv used to work all day long in buildings which were under construction, and whatever amount he used to earn his relatives used to snatch that amount from Rajiv.

One day in scorching heat Rajiv was working in an under construction building a man came to him, who appeared to be very rich and well off because of his luxurious dress he was wearing. He asked Rajiv that why doesn’t he go to school? Rajiv told everything about him and told how his relatives make him do this work and how they snatch all the money that he earns. After listening to Rajiv’s story that man asked Rajiv,

“Will you come with me? I will give you good clothes to wear, I will give you good food to eat and I will admit you in a good school as well and I will bring you up like my own son.”

Rajiv always had a special place in his heart for the school and studies so he immediately said yes to that man but asked that man to take permission from his relatives first. That man went to Rajiv’s home and asked his relatives if he can adopt Rajiv. His relatives at first were reluctant to let Rajiv go but they were greedy for money so that man offered them some money to take Rajiv with him.

That man was the famous businessman Mohan. He had many factories which were running in the city and he was an extremely rich person, he didn’t have any child. Mohan took Rajiv with him and treated him like his own son. He gave him a good education, Rajiv was very intelligent and he proved himself in the education field. He completed his education and looking at his abilities and his intelligence Mohan handed over all his business to Rajiv because he was now getting old and he needed the support of any person who could support him and handle all his business. He had brought Rajiv like his own blood son and he had full confidence in Rajiv that he would always live up to his expectations. Rajiv didn’t only live up to his expectation, in fact, he delivered more than his expectations and he did everything what a father expects from his son. Mohan was like an angel for Rajiv who had brought him up and had given him a new life.

One day Mohan called Rajiv and said “My son I want to tell something to you. I was very poor when I was a little kid, my parents died when I was a young kid I had nowhere to go and no one was there to take care of me. My father Raghu adopted me brought me up, gave me a good life and whatever I am today I am because of him. He guided in every aspect of life just like I guided you, I am here because of him. Rajiv my son I am very old now, I stay sick for most of the time as you know and I will die any day. I wasn’t a promise from you.”

“Father please order what you want I am bound to obey you. I will do anything to fulfill your wish.” Rajiv said this with tears in his eyes and with a shivering voice.

“I was in debt to my father Ragh, because he brought me up and gave me a new life, I brought you up and clear that debt from my life I paid that debt by bringing you up and giving you a new life. I want you to continue this process as well, I want you to bring up a poor child like me and you and clear this debt from your life too”. Said Mohan with tears rolling over his cheeks.

“I will make sure that fulfill your wish I promise you that”. Replied Rajiv.

After few days of this Mohan died due to cancer and Rajiv was shell shocked at it, he loved his father A LOT.

Rajiv suddenly came out of all those thoughts and again started looking at that poor boy who was carrying bricks from one place to the other, Rajiv decided that he will adopt this child and will clear the DEBT from his life forever.