Every year the monsoon made him the happiest. This year the arrival of the monsoon mesmerized him. He had no idea why he felt like this, or why he wanted to feel like this. Monsoon was supposed to uphold a very tiring line of jobs for him. From helping his father to helping the other men in town, he would do it all without a complaint. In the town of Tahiti they were all potters, during monsoon the pots which they made had to be kept into the huge storehouses they had at the corners of their town. Mostly all the men working were aged between fifty and sixty. Walder was the only boy aged 20 and the other boys his age were not interested in being a helping hand. They all went to school together but Walder managed to help the potters as well after school. Walder would study mostly at night and was thereby be a late riser.

One day, while Walder was working on the pots, in one of the storehouses, he saw a Plymouth Duster racing into the fields. The car had a peculiar color. It was green, just like the Hulk. Walder was terrified at the sight of the color, but what he saw next blew his mind. A beautiful girl in a yellow chiffon dress, perfectly toned skin, with the minimal amount of make-up on her face, was struggling with the steering, and eventually she bumped the car into a heap of clay. Walder had just seen the most beautiful thing he had ever visualized. Walder rushed in to help her. He helped her get out of the Plymouth, offered her a seat in the storehouse, and she took it. Walder was hesitant to start a conversation with the girl. The girl looked here and there, and after checking out the place, about ten minutes later asked Walder, “Hey! I am Carol, I would like to thank you for what you did back there, what would that name be?” . Walder’s heart started pounding when he heard the girl speak. He did not know what to say, he did not want to answer to her question, but then after about twenty seconds of silence he realized that the girl deserved and answer and said, “Walder”, in a low tone.

The girl left after her father came to pick her up. The father was grateful to Walder and invited him over for dinner the next weekend. All throughout the week, Walder would come across Carol and exchange glances and feel wonderful at every moment. Carol’s smile was for what he lived now. He was in love.

Then came the weekend, he had to attend the dinner invitation and had to look good. He belonged to a potter’s family but he had to resemble the same elegance and dignity Carol’s family expected him to. It was a dinner for gratitude. Walder went to the best store in town and rented a tuxedo and a pair of black shiny shoes. Walder was a very attractive man, the girls were in huge favor of him. He bought a bouquet of multicolored roses to greet Carol’s family with.

It was 5 in the evening, he came back from the storehouse, freshened up and was ready for the dinner. Since it was the time of monsoon, Walder did not care how his get up could get messed up or so, he was more than excited to see Carol in the first place. Walder got into his truck, kept the bouquet beside his seat and started driving. The drizzles soon turned into torrential downpour. Walder tried to drive faster so that he could reach on time, but the rain seemed to stop him to get near his destination. Walder had a smile on his face. Little did he know what would happen to that smile! Suddenly while he was thinking about Carol, he could hear loud noises of a range rover honking while it was approaching his truck. Walder lost control, and slammed into a huge tree beside the road. He was bleeding but his smile remained. Days later, when Walder regained consciousness, he still found himself smiling. He looked outside the hospital window, and saw the droplets getting collected at the window sill. Minutes later, the doctor came in and congratulated him on his recovery. Well, what Walder saw was the bouquet, kept at his bedside table. He realized he had lost his love, but he was not sad, he was happy that he lost his love to the rain.