Do you believe in reincarnation? While many dispel the notion of reincarnation as a myth, there are some who believe it’s a true phenomenon. Basically reincarnation is a religious concept according to which an individual starts a new life in another body after death. What happens after death is still an unsolved mystery. It’s believed that the human soul goes through seven reincarnations and after these 7 cycles of life and death the soul gets free from the cycle of life and death (attains moksha) . It’s said that all our memories from the start are stored in our subconscious mind but not all of us are able to recollect them.

This is the story of two girls; one who is looking for a plot for a story to be published in a magazine, Rahat and the other girl, Noor, who is looking for some answers about her present and an unknown past. Known for her creative writing Rahat was assigned to write something different, something that could stir up a sense of creativity, humor, suspense, and at the same time create some interest among the audience. Will she be able to complete this task before time or will she just back out? Will Noor be able to find answers she’s been looking for. Who is she and what connection does she share with Rahat? Find out.

It’s been a week since Rahat has been assigned this task of writing an interesting story. Though she has written many stories but this one was for a famous magazine and it had to be something out of the box, something different and likable. Just three more days and she had to come up with something original. Lately she had been dreaming of snakes of a particular shade of green which’d bite her and freak her out. It was already 3 am and she was still struggling to frame a plot for her story sitting in her office cabin. Her office was away from the city she belonged to, up in the Queen of hills, Shimla. It’d now been 12 years since she was living here. She worked as a guide and suggested places to the directors looking for some scenic beauty in their films.

A girl tapped on her shoulder, ‘Hey’, she said.’ Who are you and what are you doing in my cabin this late?, Rahat asked.

‘Well, I’m Sandy Sam sir’s assistant and I’ve been sent here to talk to you regarding a shoot which must be done by tomorrow morning. Any delay will probably affect the budget so sir sent me here to meet you directly, you weren’t answering any calls’

‘Oh I’m extremely sorry! I was busy with some work and usually most of the clients call up during the day time so i didn’t bother to check.’

‘It’s alright. Sir wants some old wooden house in a forest. You know the city well, and your boss told me that you’ll know a perfect place.’

There’s one 10 kms away from here but, I’m not sure if there’s still the wooden bungalow or not. It’s 3:45, it’s still dark outside. In about an hour i think we can go and check and then you could call up your team and start up with the shoot. Rahat suggested.

They went, confirmed if they could shoot for a few hours and even about the old bungalow. It was there, an old wooden bungalow from the times of the Britishers which was later tuned into a hotel but closed eventually for it was less visited due to it’s location and rumored to be haunted by a british lady ghost.

Noor as her name was, she was beautiful, probably the most beautiful actress of her time. Just two films and she was doing great. People loved her for her extraordinary beauty and her acting had a charm that made the audiences connect with her. Being a city girl she had never stepped into the woods, mountains or anywhere near. But she definitely seemed to love the freshness of the air and what would have been better than this morning shoot in the woods.

‘Rahat you can stay with us for today’s shoot. It’s probably the last day in the hills. We’ll be leaving for goa tomorrow to complete the rest so if we are done on time, you could take noor, me, Sam sir and our team to some known beautiful places here.’ , said Sandy.

‘Getting an opportunity to watch and meet Noor ma’am, how can I even think of saying No!’ , she exclaimed.

The shoot started and Rahat was amazed to see how one shot had to so perfect even the blink of eyes would count. And she could see what amount of hard work it takes to just frame on scene. Noor was feeling i little dizzy and she had been constantly asking about this place saying that she feels she has been here before. She asked Rahat about the place and told her there’s some familiarity.

The next scene had to be shot in the bungalow. ‘Lights came and Action!’ As Noor stepped onto the wooden stairs in her beautiful black 1960’s kind of gown and a hat to compliment the look she stopped and stared the house. The same feeling that she had been there before she stumbled, and almost everyone hastily moved in her direction and held her.

‘Are you fine?’ , Sam asked.

‘I think i need a little rest’. The shot was delayed and she was taken to the vanity van at a little distance.  She took a nap. All of a sudden a scream was heard from the vanity van and Rahat ran towards the direction along with sandy. Noor was totally freaked out, she was breathing heavily struggling to speak, she asked for water. She sat down crying and told that she had a bad dream about the bungalow. She said something unseen killed her and two kids in the house and refused to go inside. Sandy calmed her down and told her that it was just a dream and to remove her fear rahat said that she’d again go and check it along with 2 3 people if it was safe.

‘We already checked everything today morning Noor ‘, the bungalow is empty and i didn’t feel anything fishy inside. They reassured her and the shot was completed. The next scene was to be shot inside so the equipment was shifted inside. There was a room with a tall mirror and the makeup touch up ans styling was done. As Noor was sitting inside Rahat went in to call her and she saw she hadn’t yet changed her gown. She asked her if she was fine she didn’t respond as she stood in front of the mirror she saw someone looking at her from behind and as she turned around she screamed and fainted.

As she opened her eyes she was lying in her cabin at her work desk and it was 6 am. There was no Noor, no Sam No, bungalow, No camera, no mirror. Just her and a screen in front. She realized it was all a dream and probably the final plot for her story.