Once there lived an old merchant named Kamatura. He was a widower. Ever since his wife had died long before, he was a love sick person and wanted to re- marry. After some time he got succeed somehow in convincing a merchant to marry his young daughter with him. He gave him a lot of money and married his daughter.

But the another merchant’s daughter was very unhappy with the marriage and he hated her husband as he was an old man. She never talked to him and even did not look at her husband. The old merchant knew the reason for her unhappiness so he would do everything to impress her wife but he did not get success till.

One night, when they both were sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed, a thief came into their house. When the thief moving into the house suddenly he made a noise by mistake. The old merchant’s wife woke up by this sound and she realised that there was someone inside the house. She was terrified and moved towards her husband who was still sleeping. Due to fear she hugged her husband tightly. She did all this without making any sound that’s why the thief did not draw any attention towards her.

After sometime the old merchant awoke and found that her young wife hugging him tightly. He became very happy and thought, “I tried many times to seek her attention but she never respond me, but today she hugging me. There must be a reason that my wife hugging me so tightly.” As he looked around he realised that there was a thief in their house, and it was the reason his wife hugging him due to the fear of the thief.

The old man shouted at the thief, “O dear stranger, I want to thank you. I have tried everything but my wife kept avoiding me always. But today she hugged me so tightly only because of you. I am very happy now and thank you for all this. Please take anything which you want.”

The wise indeed say:

Sometimes, even your enemy can be beneficial to you.