Once there lived a lion, named Kharanakhara in a jungle. He was the king of that jungle. He went out in the jungle daily in search of food. One day when he wandering around the jungle he did not find a single animal. He was very hungry but it was almost sunset so he started returning to his home.

On his way of returning he saw a big cave and thought, “There must be some animal living in this big cave, as this cave is so beautiful that it cannot be empty. As now it is sunset and whatever animal lives in this cave is bound to return. If I shall hide inside this cave and wait for that animal, I shall definitely find my dinner.” So he immediately entered into the cave and hid himself.

This cave belong to a jackal. He arrived there after a while the lion entered into the cave. When he entering into his cave he noticed the footprints of the lion leading into the cave, but could not find any footprint coming out. He thought for a while, “If a lion indeed entered into the cave and he still there then there is no chance of mine to remain alive. But how can I be sure about this? If there is no lion inside the cave then what is the reason for me to stay away from his home. What should I do to find out if there is any lion inside or not?

Suddenly the jackal made a plan and he stand in front of the cave and began to shout, “O my dear! Hello! Can I come inside?” there was no reply from the cave. He waited for few moments and again shouted, “Hello my cave! Have you forgotten me and our understanding of many years? I enter the cave only you allowed to me and wait until your reply. Why are you not replying today? What happened to you? I shall then go away to some other cave if you do not reply to me. Please reply to me.”

After hearing this the lion began to thought that the cave must reply to the jackal when he returns to the cave after hunting. And now I am here that’s why the cave is not replying to the jackal. If the cave is not replying to the jackal he went away. So I should reply in behalf of the cave.

Within few moments the lion replied from inside the cave, “Dear Jackal, I am not forgotten you. You may enter inside. It is safe.” When the jackal heard this he got frightened and understood that the lion is waiting for him inside the cave and as he enter the cave he make a meal out of him. He suddenly ran away from there as fast as he could and saved his life.

The wise indeed say:

Use your tactics to protect yourself from destruction.