Once there lived a merchant, named Sagardatta. He had a son, which is young and smart too. One day his son brought a costly book, which has only one line, “You get only that which is written in your fate, that which destiny decided for you.” When the merchant saw this book he thought that his son was such a big fool who buy such a costly book with only one line written in it. He got very angry and shouted on him, “What nonsense is it, how can you buy such a costly book with only one line written in it. You have no sense for doing business, then how can you do business as me. Get out of my house and came again here.”

The young boy felt very insulted when his father drove away from the house. He then went away from the house and started travelling with his only book. He learnt the line very well and kept revising it all his way.

After sometime he reached a village. When villagers saw him they asked his name, then he replied, “You get only that which is written in your fate, that which destiny decided for you. Then after that day all the villagers called him by this name.

Few days later there came a festival so the princess of the country all came to attend the festival. She saw a good looking prince there, who was also came to attend the festival. With the very moment she saw the prince, she fell in love with him. So she decided to send a message to the prince. Then the princess wrote a message to the princess and gave it to her servant. The servant then gave this letter to the young merchant’s son by fault. The merchant’s son did not know about the message so he though to read it.

 He opened the letter and read that, “The very moment I saw you, I fall in love with you. I want to meet you, please meet me in the palace. When you will come there you will find a rope hanging from one of the windows of my room, which will lead you to my room. Please come I will wait for you.” He began to thought that he will respect the princess wishes so he decided to meet her. 

Then reached the palace and climbed up through the rope and reached the princess’ room. As it was very dark in the room so the princess could not see his face, she thought he was the prince whom she saw in the festival. She received him warmly and served him food and drink. Then she said to him, “I have deeply fallen in love with you. I want to marry with you and want to live with you always. Please tell me what you think about this.”

When the merchant’s son heard this, he replied her, “You get only that which is written in your fate, that which destiny decided for you. The princess got surprised what the prince had said, so she immediately switched on the lights of her room. She got shocked when she saw the merchant’s son in place of the prince and then she ordered him to go out from his room.

The merchant’s son was very sad on treated in such a manner without any mistake. He went out from the room and reached a nearby temple. He decided to spend the night there, so he fell asleep. There were nobody remained in the temple at night, only a watchman lived there. So the watchman carried out bad activities during the night. The watchman wanted the young man to leave the temple, so he said, “This temple is very old and broken from many place. You are not safe here. You may sleep in my home, if you want.” 

The merchant’s son agreed to went to his house. When he reached the watchman’s house it was very dark, so he mistakenly got into the wrong room, where the watchman’s daughter was waiting for her lover in the absence of her father. When he reached the room, the watchman's daughter mistook him as his lover. She then immediately exchanged garlands in front of the picture of God. Therefore according to their tradition they got married. 
The merchant’s son did not understand what has happening so he said, “You get only that which is written in your fate, that which destiny decided for you. When the watchman’s daughter heard this, she realised she had made a mistake and began to thought, “It’s all happened due to mistake and such mistake is destined to happened when be doing something without thinking sufficiently about It.” She got very angry and cursed him and threw him out of the house.

The merchant’s son felt very insulted by being treated in such a manner again and again, he was very sad. When he started walking, he saw a marriage procession approaching there. They all had expensive clothes, and wore heavy jewels. He thought to follow the groom's procession, which was going to the bride's home. So he began to follow them. He reached the ceremony place with all other guest.

Suddenly a mad elephant came there and everybody start to move here and there to save his life. The bride could not understand what to do, so she remain stood there, too afraid to ran there. When the merchant’s son saw this, he immediately reached the elephant and got hold him and began to frightened him with his huge nails. The elephant got frightened and ran away. 

After some time when the bride’s friends and other relatives returned at the place, the bride said to them, “At the time when my life was in danger and I am alone, there was no one presented here to help me to help me. This unknown person helped me without thinking about his life. I will marry only this person and none other than him. This is my last decision." All the peoples present there started offending her decision and there was a heated argument took place there. Within few moments, the king arrived there to appease everybody and stop the argument. Everybody including the princess and the watchman’s daughter arrived at the place.

 The king then asked the merchant’s son, “You came the ceremony and saved the bride and all the people from the elephant, it is said by all these. I want to know whole thing from you. Tell me what has happened here.” The young man replied, “You get only that which is written in your fate, that which destiny decided for you.” 

The princess and the watchman's daughter were embarrassed to hear the words. When the king heard this from the young man and saw the princess and the watchman’s daughter smiling on hearing these words, he demanded to know the truth. 
Then the watchman’s daughter told him how he marrying him by mistake, and said, “It was my fate and I now I accept it.”
Then the princess explained to the king that how she had spent time with him by mistake, and said, “It was my fate and I do not regret it.”
On hearing all this, the bride said to the king, “O King, all happened with me due to my destiny and what destiny has given to me, none can take away from me!" 

After hearing everybody the king agreed to marry his daughter to the merchant’s son. The king arranged for a ceremony. He married the young man with his young princess, and made him his heir to his empire. He gifted the young merchant's son with a thousand villages, apart from ornaments and Golds.

The bride and the watchman's daughter were also married to him in the same ceremony. After some time the merchant’s son built his own palace for his parents and they all lived happily ever after.

The wise indeed say:

Do your best but leave it to destiny.