They said the world used to go forward or rather has been going forward with this.

They said it was just natural to have it with. They said life was actually moving with regards to it.

Did you know you have also been a part of it some or the other way?

Do you know your life was maintained because of it?

Well, it’s called myth. A third gender once was introduced to the world with the idea that their gender didn’t even exist at the farthest corner of the Universe. The third gender was produced as a he and was asked to reduce it’s appearance as a she(I said it’s because I’m not sure how to address them, and I personally feel there should be a different way introduced to address them). The third gender remained confused for a certain number of days and then projected itself as a he, because it understood that it was the society’s requirement. Mana was the name. Mana was not sure about anything anymore, because it’s existence was just disapproved in the space it lived. Mana tried to change a lot of things by speaking against, raising issues etc. but the surrounding seemed to be deaf and blind in some or the other way. Mana was disappointed because this was never explained by his parents before they left him.

Just a normal verse about Mana confused the writer whether to call it a she or a he!

Don’t you think rather than laughing and making fun of them, at times, we should just look at them, stand back, and ask them normally, which adverb should we use for them? To establish their existence?

Most of us have never even thought about it!

Most of us don’t even care.

But think about those people who do not get identified in the society as a normal gender and who are judged for their existence and questioned on their structure.

Being a developing country, India has rarely appreciated these humans. Oh Yes! They are only humans just like each one of us residing on this planet.

This evening I saw a typical married couple exchanging things to hold while waiting for a bus in the bus stand. They could exchange their desires openly in a bus stand. It was natural!

But if Mana would’ve tried to do the same. It would’ve been judged. Does this really show where we stand today? Does this really make us understand what we actually are? Does this undress the veil of pretentious misbeliefs from our bodies – the outer self?

Think about it some day, Think about it some other way someday, you would understand what is being done and what is the norm the society follows! The society isn’t just a crowd – it comprises of all of us together.

What do you say? Should we not change this and look for a better perspective which could provide respect to all kinds of human beings in the society? Love, hatred and disregards are there in their places but myths are just not addressed at almost every part in our lives.