Fresh memories you make each day,

Deep down you travel thee way,

My love you made me smile

Wen each morning cup of tea occur by my side,

Dressing up is never boring wen u stand by and admire

Colors though not my game as court is always my way

But you being in town gives new colors to air

My black turns to yellow and white becomes the blue

I fly high and deep to get amalgamate as rainbow,

Your look adds charm of red to my cheeks,

And your touch makes me spark to glitter gold,

I wish moments to hold a while before clock hit the time and say goodbye…

P.S: love never dies rather it grow old with days, months and years, but it’s not always there that we make journey stories with the one we started with. Rather, we fall torn in between sometimes. This doesn’t end the way to us because pyaar se hum jitna bhaagte hai who hume uthna hi sochne par majbhur karta hai, isliye pyar ke jaane par pyaar karna na bhool apitu dubara pyaar kar kyuki “CHILL MAAR” kehna hi kaafi nai …chill hona bhi hota hai.

As wisely said:



  1. Sangeeth Philip Mathew

    Beautiful presentation of love and relationship. “You being in town gives new colours to air” is such a poetic expression of your love . Perfect comparison of colours with romance. The clock hits the time and reset to another beautiful day and another opportunity to find love.

  2. Priya Kankariya

    This poetry truly defines the butterfly feelings of being in
    Love. The poet has beautifully described how love can bring charm, happiness and self love among the lovers. Poet helps to make people re-believe in the serenity of the Love.

  3. nivedita priyadarsini

    Nicely portrayed how escaping from love is not possible as Love is the real escape from this hard world, I am astonished, how beautifully poetess has beautified each minute things in her life. This poetry compelling us to fall in love with each and every moments in our life with small or big happiness……