It was Bengal’s favorite day, Saptami.

Rishabh began by reading the headlines for the day first.

“Durga Puja begins. Great Rejoicing.” What is this?

“Valuable ruby is stolen. Police hot on the trail.”

Whereabouts suspected to be Safdarjung Enclave.

“But that is where we live. Maybe I could solve the mystery. But then again the idea is far-fetched. There could be a million people thinking along my lines. Forget it, let me enjoy the Puja’.

The family got into the car and went gallivanting around Delhi, looking for Pujas, Rishabh noticed how bright the idols were. There was Durga of course, Lakshmi the goddess of wealth, Saraswati the goddess of knowledge, Kartika the general of the gods, and Ganesha the god of success. On the way back, the family stopped at the Durga Puja in Safdarjung. It was the same bright ceremony-food, dances, drums, etc. As usual, there were priests near the idols receiving donations. But strangely, one particular priest was more interested in Saraswati’s idol than in his job of receiving donations. Saraswati’s idol looked brighter than the others from a distance.

Rishabh did not bother with these thoughts and enjoyed the Pula thoroughly. Meanwhile, he also noticed that the weird priest was constantly talking to two strange fellows. They looked like hoodlums. Anyway, Rishabh enjoyed himself quite a lot throughout Saptami, Asthami Navami, and Dashami. The day after Dashami, he went with his parents to the pandal near his house to see the immersion the idols.

One by one, he saw Kartika idol and Lakshmi idol and Durga’s idol being immersed. Saraswati’s idol was left. By chance, he happened to glance inside the pandal and saw that the weird priest talking to the two hoodlums also seemed to be worried. They were continuously pointing to Saraswati’s idol Rishabh felt that the priest should also have gone to help immerse the idols. But he did not Rishabh put two and two together and dashed off to the policemen standing by the pandal who had been watching over the pandal throughout in search of the ruby.

Rishabh told them in hushed tones. “Those men standing by the pandal are the thieves and the ruby is hidden somewhere on Saraswati’s idol.

The police immediately went to the three men and placed under arrest. When they tried to resist, Rishabh shouted, “Immerse Saraswati’s idol.” Rishabh asked them, “Why did you struggle?” they kept silent. Rishabh declared,”The three men are the thieves the ruby will be found in the jewellery on Saraswati’s idol. The three men have no other objection to the idol being immersed.”

He then asked the police to search the idol. Eventually, the ruby was found. Rishabh was thanked by the police and applauded by the crowd.

When later asked said exactly aroused his suspicions, he pointed to the over the brightness of Saraswati’s idol.

A few days later, he received a parcel from the Government. Guess what it contained, An idol of Saraswati with his name on it!


  1. mukul singh

    “Mystery at Durga Puja” is an engaging and suspenseful story set during the festive occasion of Durga Puja in Bengal. The narrative follows the young protagonist, Rishabh, as he stumbles upon an unexpected mystery that unfolds amidst the vibrant celebrations.

    Rishabh’s curiosity is piqued when he comes across a newspaper headline about a stolen valuable ruby, with the whereabouts suspected to be in his own neighborhood, Safdarjung Enclave. Although initially skeptical about his chances of solving the mystery, Rishabh’s inquisitive nature eventually gets the better of him.

    As Rishabh embarks on his family’s puja visits across Delhi, he notices the peculiar behavior of a priest at the Durga Puja in Safdarjung. This priest appears more preoccupied with Saraswati’s idol than with his duties of receiving donations. Rishabh’s observant nature leads him to notice that the idol seems brighter than the others from a distance, and he also becomes aware of the priest’s frequent interactions with two suspicious-looking individuals.

    Immersed in the joyous festivities, Rishabh enjoys Saptami, Asthami, Navami, and Dashami, until the day after Dashami when he witnesses the immersion of the various idols. It is then that he realizes Saraswati’s idol remains untouched. Intrigued, Rishabh peeks inside the pandal and witnesses the worried priest conversing with the two suspicious men, all seemingly fixated on Saraswati’s idol.

    Rishabh’s quick thinking and sharp observation skills prompt him to approach the policemen guarding the pandal. In hushed tones, he reveals his suspicion that the men near the idol are thieves and that the stolen ruby is concealed in Saraswati’s jewelry. The police swiftly take action, apprehending the culprits. Rishabh’s insistence on immersing the idol leads to the recovery of the stolen ruby, vindicating his instincts.

    The author skillfully builds suspense, keeping readers engaged until the final revelation. The story showcases Rishabh’s resourcefulness and bravery as he uncovers the truth. The plot cleverly incorporates the essence of Durga Puja celebrations, blending it with a thrilling mystery.

    The author’s attention to detail shines through in the descriptions of the festive atmosphere, the bright idols, and Rishabh’s astute observations. The story emphasizes the power of keen observation and critical thinking, reminding readers that sometimes the answers to mysteries lie in the most unexpected places.

    Furthermore, the story delivers a heartwarming conclusion as Rishabh receives a surprise gift from the Government—an idol of Saraswati with his name on it—an acknowledgment of his bravery and cleverness.

    Overall, “Mystery at Durga Puja” is a captivating tale that combines elements of suspense, celebration, and young heroism. It serves as an enjoyable read for those seeking an engaging story with a unique twist set against the backdrop of a beloved cultural festival.