Wuu jenson was a selfmade man. From riches to streets and then from streets to castle he made his journey quite smooth at a very young age. He was an achiever and an inspiration before his death. He had lots of big titles to his credit but most importantly a selfie king as the world remembers him now.

Wuu belonged to an upper middle class family. He married Lucy for love and lost his family in the process. His mother still loved him but his father had cut all his contacts to the newly married couple. Mother use to send him money for his education and sustainance as he married too young. But she died too soon and left wuu to surronded by misery.

Wuu jenson was penniless and had a family to feed by the time he was just 21 years of age. He did a great deal of hard work to make his name as a renowned acrobatic champion and recieved much praise. But, all this was not enough to feed his family and obviously for the luxurious life which wuu always wanted for both of them.

One day he was practicing yoga early in the morning when an seemingly brilliant struck his senses and it changed the entire flow of his life. What happened was, he use to watch youtube channel for learning some new meditation form about which he recently heard from his wife. That day while watching a vedio, he realized he can also start his own youtube channel and show the world the skill he had learned in acrobatics. He was also hoping, that his channel would also assure a good flow of income for him. He was good in his sport but not too cool to catch the eyes of the crowd in general, compared to the already established youtube channels, who were the best. But he was too impatient and in need of immidiate gains.

His channel was established during 2000 and till 2002 november it scarcely survived gathering 700 followers. He was looking for something different to snatch thousands of viewers for his vedios. On the birthday while of one of his old friend Wuu visited him after a very long time. They climed at the rooftop of his twenty eight story apartment and he started showing them his new acrobatic skills. In the middle of this he did some moves standing on the corner of the side wall. It was risky and he was filmed by his friends over their.

Selfie fever was catching up those days and both the friends took a risky selfy right there. And posted that on internet. This vedio of wuu, went viral within an hour and as expected thousands of people followed him and appreciated his skills.

After that day. This journey never stopped. Wuu use to take risky selfies and post them on his channel and in not much time he was a youtube celebrity with lots of monetary gains. His financial status changed drastically and his confidence in himself too levelled up.

For few more years he kept posting vedios of him taking challenges. He would not use any form of safety while performing and started posting his pictures from the recorded hights at the most unsafe places. People would not stop asking him to have mercy on his life and he would not stop having the frenzied lust of adventure and money.

From Tokyo sky tree to Burj khalifa he was ready to take a selfie challenge anytime and any how. It seemed he did not fear hights instead hights feared him that what will he conquer next. He was always ready to be dared.

He was just twenty six, when the famous rooftopper was filming a 100,000 yuan selfie dare from a famous entertainment agency. The building he was on was 62 storey slippery glass building in China. He was not nervous a bit, atleast it never showed on his face untill the first warning sign. The live streaming stated filming him going to the top of a huge building top with his selfie stick. He hung himself at the side of the roof with out any protection rope or other safety equipments, as part of his challenge. His family watched at a distance with their heart in their mouth. Local media had already recounted the extensive risk involved, multiple times, but he did not listen to them at all. Then as he was preparing to take the selfie, he must have realised the risk and did not took the selfie stick in his hand for a while. He tried to tighten his hold with his firm palms while hanging, his hands were constantly slipping and he was loosing balance. Then he pushed hard and tried to lift himself. May be at that point he wanted help but the bid was to great to lose. So he just did one last effort with his feet but his shoes slipped on the glass building. He lost all his strength in the process he looked at his hands while placing his foot back at the glass wall he lost it once and forever.

His father watching tv. broke into tears with sheer regret. He too realised how much he loved him. At that moment he was ready to die in wuu’s place. His wife was in shock at how bad the events turned out. She had always trusted his capabilities but it was unexpected for her to see her husband losing on to the challenge and losing his life as well.

It was a tragic end of a hero. He was recorded falling off the building. No one knew his fate. No other vedio featured for a month. Then his wife confirmed his death. No doubt he left a big amount behind him but his precious life was lost his fame too was gone. Only his mistake was left behind as a lesson for others.

This was how the selfie king died, under his own deception of being the king of hights.