The girl was lost in her daily schedule and work loads, but then something mocks her life again and takes her behind the door once again, their she finds something unusual. She was worried whom to share with about everything what was happening in her life, then comes Shilpa, her cousin. Let’s see what has been hidden behind the door for her this time.

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Days passed on and I totally forgot about the door and its mystery, though I physically never paid attention to it, but my mind always wandered in the same thoughts, what would have happened that night! I knew none would believe me for the reason everyone found me lying their whole night, but none could even deny the fact that someone has broken in the pane and tried to reach out the jungle. Work load and city chaos have slowly taken over my attention and I was lost in my world.

One fine morning I got a call from Shilpa, Shilpa and me were born cousins. She was planning a break from her routine and also a visit to Bangalore. I couldn’t believe she was coming. It’s been so long since we’ve met, past our college we never planned any holiday or break from our work.

I still remember our hangouts, our movie nights and all that we’ve done, I must say those were the beautiful years of my life, and she has made them happening. I was so excited about her arrival that I kept on counting days since that day; in fact I’ve even applied for a break in office. Since my past record was all fine, I didn’t take them much time to sign my application.

Finally she is going to arrive tomorrow morning, we have a lot to do, many places to hangout, many new places to explore and a lot of food to taste, with all this excitement filled in I could barely sleep.

Suddenly I found my phone ringing, I woke to the first ring and found that it was my alarm.

I remember I’ve kept an alarm for 5am but why was it ringing past 3’o clock. However am awake now, my alarm has disturbed my sleep and now I can’t even go back to sleep, because if I sleep now I can’t wake again at 5am and i have to go to pick Shilpa from Airport early in the morning. Then I finally  went to my table and looked for the half-finished novel, I don’t even remember when did I started reading It, It was months ago. But now at this time I couldn’t find anything else to spend my time with. I started reading the book and then I heard something. Something weird, someone’s crying, oh yeah it was the same voice of an infant, it was the same cry I heard last time, when I broke into the backyard door. Or say it my hallucination as what my friends say. I tried to pay a deaf ear intentionally but that cry worried me.

I couldn’t stop myself bothering it. I followed the melancholy voice of the kid, but this time I was in my senses not like the last time. And I went back to the door, and walked the path until I finally reach the tree. I could hear the meek cry but with mixed variations. I couldn’t figure out whether it was sad cry looking for assistance or an evil smile, mocking at me. Then I found something there, something which shouldn’t be their. My Photo album!! Yeah it was my photo album, I rechecked twice then thrice but It was the same every time. How could it be here, I’ve lost it ages ago, It was my family album with all the clicks worth being cherished and preserved. I still remember how badly I was scolded for losing it during my hostel life in college.

I just stood their looking at the photographs wrapped with dust, but their memories were all clear, and fill in the same joy even after these many years. And here am, again lost in the lanes of memories!! This time I could see a clear image of the visuals, may be the drinks last time blurred my vision. My school days, my friends, cousin’s outings, and mom’s scolding’s I could recollect everything, but I don’t know why were my instincts sensing something’s wrong with me at some corner of my heart, I knew all this was actually happening and this time am in my full senses. I looked around the tree, to find some clue, who could have placed It their. I could see nothing but the same old darkness, and huge trees around.

I sometimes feel it’s just a mirage am sensing but I couldn’t ignore the fact that things are actually happening!

I could find a broken window, and now the album, if all this was just a dream or hallucination then how could these two things is real?? With all these things flashing in my mind I totally forgot about the time. I was 6am, I had to pick Shilpa from airport. She’s visiting Bangalore for the first time, and am sure she would be shocked to see such heavily packed roads, and the rushing cars round the clock. I got ready and rushed towards airport, even while driving I was thinking back about the same things.

Finally I’ve reached airport, my week long wait to meet Shilpa was over. “Hey Shilpa!, how are you? It’s been so long since we’ve met!” I exclaimed as I saw her. “Hello, my princess, how are you?, I know I was busy and couldn’t make out to visit you even once, I hope you understand.” Shilpa calls me princess, being the youngest everyone in the family has always treated me like a princess. “ It’s ok Shilpa, let’s not worry about what has happened, let’s just plan the best time we are gonna spend this week.” “But princess, you seem tired, I hope you are fine? Do you sleep on time regularly? “ she observed my face and caught my tiredness

I couldn’t lie to her because every time I tried to, I always ended up in stupid consequences and even she knows every gesture of mine, and am sure by this time she must have already guessed, something’s not well with me. “ I’ll explain you Shilpa, let’s move from here now, I’ll say you everything along the way.” We drove back home, and meanwhile I told Shilpa everything that was happening in the house.

“This seems to be a serious issue dear, you have to take care of yourself, maybe it’s some stalker doing all this or someone’s trying to play with your thoughts.” “Yeah, Shilpa you are right, every time I try to forget all these, something weird happens and am again forced to think about that door, and the mystery behind it.” That was a serious thing, which though bothered me gave me immense pleasure too, yeah that’s true every time I go past the door, I come back with lots of memories and a sense of happiness yet always carried away by the fear. What brings in the sense of insecurity in me? Is it some sought of prank? Or was that really my hallucination?

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