Story is about a young entrepreneur who faced the same treatment which every student who is poor in scoring faces in India. The same ignorance from fellow students and the same kind of “ Ye kisi kaam ka nahi hae “( He is just useless) from his teachers. Now that when he finally grew up to be a successful entrepreneur, he was called to inspire the students and motivate them to select the best career path for them, but the irony is he was called to the same college where he studied and he was looked down at years ago. The same teachers were now sanding in the audience applauding him. He has made his journey successful that very moment.  


Please submit your assignments today and no excuses his time, saying this teacher left the class. Rohan with the same callous attitude continued reading the novel. As if he never bothered what’s going on in the classes meanwhile He completed reading one more novel of his favorite author. Going to college was only just for the sake of his parents and a few friends whom he could hardly count on his fingers. He was never interested in science but then again he wanted some degree to earn his bread. That’s the soul reason why he has paid thousands of bugs even though he knew he wasn’t interested in that particular field.

Next day in the canteen, while he was sitting their enjoying his half baked cookies and a cappuccino, he’s friends came to him asking about his future plans. And to their surprise, he replied with the most appropriate answer, he said he wants success. That’s it, saying this Rohan left he place. Few days later when their college was planning to start a new cell to lead the budding entrepreneurs of the college, none took he responsibility of leading the cell because they knew it was a huge responsibility and during the end of the semesters none wanted to burden themselves, but it was Rohan who always stood up during crises.

And he has proved I right once again by taking up the challenging work. And this would be the best chance for him also prove his worth in the college.

He took up the responsibility and has managed the work to very good extent. In fact he was himself nominated as one of the best budding entrepreneur of the college. This poor guy never knew that one day he would be nominated as the best entrepreneur of the country for his idea of the very beginning startup community.

That day Rohan has proved many of his lecturers, he wasn’t as useless as they’ve perceived him.  Though he passed his exams with just average scores that never bothered him. Because for him, he finally found his journey and that was too find all the budding entrepreneurs and give them all a platform to prove themselves. Bu for that again he had to get himself gain the so called name and fame or say he had to prove It first, how would be the life of an entrepreneur! And what are the upcoming challenges in the startup field.

He chooses his career and with the dedication he had to excel, one could achieve any goal set for their life. In few years he was among the youngest successful people of the world, but this wasn’t his goal. He started his own startup, encouraged the students for taking up entrepreneurship as a part of their curriculum. It brought him many challenges on his way, yet he never accepted failure.

He put in all his efforts and many a times even his name was at stake, but none could deter him and his determination. And there he is standing today being nominated as the best entrepreneur for his ideas of implementing entrepreneurship in the curriculum of their education.  One was the day when his teachers and his friends everyone mocked him for being so lazy and look at the revolution, he is standing here today revolutionizing their whole curriculum.

Now he finally achieved his goal, and within few years his work even showed him good results. He could see he positive response of his hard work or say smart work. Because he never believed in hard work and his laziness always bound him to work less, which he utilized in positive manner and developed doing smart work. He became popular and was being called up by different colleges for giving them knowledge about entrepreneurships and their successful career in that path. One fine day while he was enjoying his morning coffee with his favorite business column of the paper, he got a call from a college, and to his surprise I was his college principal on the call. He was absolutely surprised to receive their invitation, they wanted him to attend their annual fest as a special guest, and wanted him to address the students. The program was in a week, excitement filled in him and day after day his curiousness grew. He was going back to his college, that college where he has been mocked for years, but yeah he same college where he learnt about his dream and destination, the same place where his talent was rewarded for the first time.

After a week,

He prepared himself for the presenting himself before the gathering, he has been invited to many colleges before but never before did he felt like this. His heart was palpitating and he could feel his cold inside him. He finally reached the college auditorium, his principal and the Head of departments were all heir to welcome him.

He was treated very differently in the college this time, all his teachers were proud to see him standing there after reaching the glories of height.

He was invited on to the stage to speak and address the gathering, their he stood on the other side of the stage today, what else could be a moment for someone. Standing on the same college platform as a chief guest to their annual fest, and feeling the sense of happiness and proudness in your beloved ones, what else is success!

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