Dreams and reality often are separated by a thin line. This movie explores the idea of fading that line and dives into a wonderful world where you are lost in the true meaning that defines reality. The story begins with the start of preparations for Tokyo Olympics 2020. With the dream sequence of the main character placed just right into the frame. With that being said, let us go right into the in depth analysis or category by category review of the movie.

Disclaimer: May contain some spoilers. The review is a personal opinion.

Art: A rating of 8.5 out of 10 does justice to the art of the movie. The movie looks spectacular, with great visuals and eye catching effects. The artwork, especially the designs of particular gadgets looks incredible. The intricate detailing in the designs of machines just puts another cherry on the top of this movie. The machines were designed very similar to the counterparts found in the real world. The typical artwork found in Japanese animations is seen all over the movie after all it is an anime movie. The detailing in each scene just makes us appreciate the animators a lot. They did a great job in the modelling and animating the gadgets and of course humans.

Story: Rating 9 out of 10. At first when you read the summary of the movie you will realise that it is just like any other children’s tale but after watching the movie it feels like it can be enjoyed by all ages. The story even if it seems a little childish, gives a very good outlook on life and makes us question what should we trust. The story begins with our main protagonist Kokone dreaming about a place called Heartland where everyone has to live by the King’s orders, your typical kingdom. But this king was obsessed with cars and the kingdom mass produced the cars. There are scenes which makes us hate the monarchy of the king. In this dream the main protagonist dreams herself as Ancien who is the daughter of the king making her the princess of Heartland. She has a magic tablet which can do wonders. Because of her powers a monster named _Colossal___ attacks the kingdom of Heartland. In order to keep the reason for the attack a secret, the princess is never allowed to leave her castle. This is all just the beginning of a great story. Up ahead, Kokone will find her old friend who will help her in her journey. The conspiracy behind her dad is solved by his daughter through this amazing adventure. The twist in the story is well placed but it was kind of obvious, yet still catches you off guard. The ending was heart warming and leaves you with good vibes.

Character: A rating of 7.5 out of 10 is pretty fair. There is so much potential with the characters. The main character who knew very little about her mother finally realising the truth by the end of the movie, the dad who saves her daughter from the danger, the grandfather who realises his granddaughter at the right moment and finally the most amazing was the dream of her mother caressing the daughter. These characters are to some extent very relatable. The dad’s character development after the twist was amazing as well. The seemingly inanimate gadgets showing a great deal of help really gives you a warm feeling.

Soundtrack: I will give a rating of 7 out of 10 for the soundtrack. The movie did not have a very catchy soundtrack that will make it stand out from the rest. But the soundtrack is pretty decent and goes well with the story.

Overall: I will give a rating of 8 out of 10 overall. It was a pretty enjoyable movie, with some morals to be learned in the end. The journey with the characters leaves you thinking what if your dreams come true? And how can you leave an imprint of yourself after your death like of the characters? It gives a sense of hope for the future and leaves you thinking about the new technologies that have been rising in the world now.