“Simmi, Sister is calling you. Time for departure!” Sunita said. Sunita had been looking after the orphanage for many years and was attached to the children. Simmi did not say anything but gave Mini the doll she was holding and went away. Mini outstanding in the garden watching Simmi going away from here. She could feel tears rolling down her eyes.

Time passed and the new year arrived. Simmi came to the orphanage in the new year. She met her friends, Sister, and Mini.

Simmi and Mini were sitting in the garden where they usually used to share their feelings. It was a bright sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing in the garden. They sat there in silence. The only sound which could be heard was the chirping of the birds. Finally, Mini broke the silence and said, “How are you Simmi di?”

“I am fine,” Simmi said with a sigh. “Mini told you that I can never be happy with my new parents. First, they treated me with love and affection. Gave me new clothes to wear. But soon that love disappeared. Uh!… now I am the only servant for them. I do all the household work and…” Simmi could not speak but tears rolled down her cheek.

Mini was too taken by these words to reply. “I won’t be able to meet you in future,” Simmi said and ran out crying. Mini could not do anything. For the small child, such a shock was terrifying. She decided that she would never leave the orphanage.

New year seemed to bring happiness for all but for Mini. Sister Martha was happy because a couple wanted to adopt Mini. Sister personally met Mini and said, “Mini, I am very happy. You are being adopted. Like Simmi you are going to get your new parents. We are surely going to miss you. But we all are very happy that you are being made “Mini could not resist. Her tears had dried up.

“I will not go from the orphanage,” she said steely and ran away.

Although Mini was firmly against going, the couple insisted on employing only her. Mini was helpless. She could not do anything. Finally, she was adopted.

On February 2 Mini stepped out from the orphanage and came into her new house. Mr. and Mrs. Saxena brought Mini to their sweet little home. They did not have any child, and so Mini was a valuable gift for them.

“Mini dear, come in,” Mrs. Saxena said. Circumstances had made Mini harsh and rude. “I want to go back to the orphanage,” Mini said sternly.

“First come in and see what all we have got for you,” Mr. Saxena tried to convince her.

“No, no, no, I said I want to go back,” Mini replied becoming harsh and rude.

“Ravi, she is a little girl. We should be more

“As you wish, Nisha,” he replied.

Nisha lifted Mini in her arms and took her inside. Mini did not like this. He jumped out of Nisha’s arms.

“I am not a little girl that you lift me in your arms!” Mini said.

“Ok! Sorry. But see what we have for you,” Ravi said, pointing to the bundle of gifts wrapped in colorful papers on the table. The whole room was decorated with streamers, ribbons, and balloons. Mini came and sat on the sofa without looking at the presents. But she could not resist it for long. After sometime she glanced at Nisha and Ravi and then finally went to open her gifts. As she opened them, she saw a doll wrapped in red paper. The doll was exactly like the doll she was holding in her hands-the last remembrance from Simmi. When she saw the doll, the tears which were dry, rolled down her eyes and she hugged the doll close to her chest. Nisha understood the situation and took Mini to her room.

“Would you like to eat something?” Nisha asked.

“No,” Mini said still with rudeness in her voice. “Please leave me alone.”

Nisha thought it was not wise for her to speak. Therefore, she went away. She returned to the drawing-room where Ravi was picking up the gifts.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Nothing, I do not know why she behaves like this? Nisha asked.

“She’ll be all right in a few days. Do not worry. It’s a new place for her,” Ravi tried to explain to Nisha.

“Ah … I think you are right, “Nisha said, smiling.

Time passed. But time could not change Mini’s mind. She was positive that Mr. and Mrs. Saxena did not love her and one day they would certainly treat her like a servant.

March 8 was Mini’s birthday. The day which Nisha and Ravi awaited eagerly. Nisha wished Mini a happy birthday.

“I want to go to the orphanage,” Mini said.

“Ok! you get ready and we will take you,” Ravi answered.

“Come, I will help you to get ready, “Nisha said.

“No. I can take my bath myself. Give me my clothes,” Mini said sternly.

“Ok dear! Here are your clothes,” Nisha said giving her a new frock. Mini got ready and went to the orphanage with her new parents.

“Sister…” Mini shouted from a long way and came running to her in the orphanage.

“Hello, Mini! How are you, Happy Birthday.” Sister said with a smile.

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Saxena.”


“Good morning Sister.”

“Sister, I would like to meet Simmi.” Where is she?” Mini asked.

“She is her home, “Sister replied.

“Sister, Mini is very eager to meet Simmi. Please give us her address. We will take her there,” Ravi replied.

“As you wish Mr. Saxena. I’ll give you the address.” After searching for some time, Sister handed over the address to Mr. Saxena.

“Thank you,” they said and took Mini with them.

An hour later they arrived at the address. To find an address in Mumbai was not a problem for Ravi. He had been living there for many years.

The huge wooden door of the green painted house was opened by a girl. She was wearing torn clothes. Her hair was a mess and it looked as though she had not eaten anything for many days.

“Whom do you want to meet?” she asked.


  1. Suyash Dashputre

    This heartwarming story revolves around the lives of Simmi, Mini, and the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Saxena. It highlights the emotional journey of these characters, particularly Mini, who initially resists leaving the orphanage due to the fear of being treated as a servant once again. However, as she enters her new home, the Saxenas’ genuine love and the thoughtful birthday surprise, a doll similar to the one from her dear friend Simmi, begin to break down her walls. Despite her initial harshness and skepticism, Mini gradually opens up to the possibility of being loved and cared for by her new parents.

    The narrative conveys the message of hope, resilience, and the power of kindness. It beautifully captures Mini’s transformation from a guarded and mistrustful child to someone willing to give love and acceptance a chance. The story touches upon the themes of abandonment, longing for familial love, and the transformative impact of compassion.

    Overall, this tale reminds us of the importance of understanding the emotional needs of children and the profound influence that a loving and supportive environment can have on their lives. It emphasizes the significance of empathy, patience, and nurturing relationships in fostering a child’s emotional well-being and growth.’