“We would like to …” Ravi was not able to complete his sentence when Mini cried, “Simmi didi.”

“Mini! Simmi cried back in astonishment. They hugged each other. Tears rolled down their eyes.

“Who’s there?” someone called from inside. Simmi wiped her tears fast and said, “Someone is here to meet you, Madam.”

A healthy woman in pink flowered saree came out.

“Yes, whom do you want to meet?” she asked.

“We are Mini’s parents. Mini would like to meet Simmi. They are old friends, “Ravi explained the situation to the lady.

” Ok! Please come in. Simmi you can talk to her, “she said. Simmi and Mini went out to the garden while Mini’s parents went inside with the lady.

“Who was she?” Mini asked.

“She was so called mother,” Simmi said. Simmi did not have to say but Mini understood.

“You tell me how are your parents? They look very nice They have given you such a beautiful frock and this doll,” Simmi said taking the doll from Mini’s hand.

“And this doll,” she said taking the other doll.

“You can throw this away. Their doll is more beautiful than my doll.”

“No. I like this doll.” Mini sad taking Simmi doll and hugging it close to her heart.

“See, this is Mini,” Simmi said pointing to Mini s new doll.

“And this is me,” she said taking the old worn out the doll in her hand.

“Mini is good. She has good parents. But Simmi is lonely. She has no one. She is alone, she is ….” Simmi said and burst out crying. Mini was too taken aback by Simmi’s words.

“Ok, Mini. Now we should go,” Nisha said coming out of the house. Simmi quickly wiped her tears and was normal again. Mini went away, but that day created a stir in her life. She was now sure that she would also be treated in the same way by her parents sooner or later.

Days passed There threat in Mini’s heart. This unseen threat seems to hold Mini in its firm grip. She could not feel it at present but she was sure that she would face it in the future June was the terrifying day for Mini. She got up and came to the drawing room where her parents were sitting Mini, er … there, … there is some sad news for you, “Nisha tried to speak.” Your friend … Your friend.Simmi, ‘Ravi said. -many did! What’s happened to her? “Mini said suspecting something was wrong. A heart was beating faster and faster” We know it is hard to bear … but … but, whoever comes in this world has to go, sooner or later “Ravi said.” Your friend. Simmi is no more. She was suffering from tuberculosis. “What! It can’t, Simmi! Simmi is DEAD? “Mini said, hardly believing her ears” Simmi cant be dead. No. No. “Mini said and ran away to her room crying. Nisha went after her trying to console her.” Mini, not cry. We will take you to her house if you want, “Nisha said.

“Simmi cannot be dead. Simmi cannot be dead.” Mini was saying it again and again. Her tears did not stop.

Nisha and Ravi took Mini to Simmi’s home. Simmi’s the dead body was kept there.

“Simmi didi, wake up. Do not sleep for so long.You know today is Sunday. We have to go to the church wake up and get ready. It’s already 7:30 now “Mini said innocently. She kept her doll near Simmi. She could not adjust herself to Simmi would die and leave her. Nisha and Ravi the present situation. She had never thought that thought it was unwise to keeping there for long. Therefore, they took her away.

Mini did not say a single word. She hugged Simmi’s doll close to her heart. From that day onwards there was a drastic change in Mini’s behavior. She stopped speaking. She grew thin and weak and was often seen sitting in the garden with the doll.

It was a matter of great concern for Mini’s parents. The sudden deterioration of Mini’s health had worried them. They tried to make Mini speak. But all their efforts were in vain. Finally, they decided to take Mini to a doctor.

Mr. Saxena!… I think this matter is very serious,” the doctor said after examining Mini.

“What happened doctor?” Nisha asked the doctor, very worried.

The matter is… “the doctor was about to speak when Mini stepped in with the nurse.”

“Mrs. Saxena, please take Mini outside,” the doctor advised Nisha, Nisha took Mini out so that the doctor could talk to Mr. Saxena.

“Mr. Saxena, as I said, the matter is really serious. For a little girl of seven years, such a terrible shock can lead to great mental problems.

“I suggest you try to make her happy. Or … if that is not possible…then …then make her cry. Does she go to school? the doctor asked.”

“She used to, but after Simmy’s death, she has stopped going to school,” Ravi answered with anxiety in his voice.

“Oh! … Then it would be better if you send her to school. There will be a be a different atmosphere and she will be able to recover, “the doctor advised. “For time being I’ll give you some medicines, but she needs something more than that.

“Thank you, doctor,” Ravi said and was about go when the doctor stopped him and asked, “Mr. Saxena! … Is Mini your own child?”

“No, doctor. We have adopted her,” Ravi replied.

“Oh! I think there can be other problems also. Sometimes children think that their parents do not care for them, especially for orphans. I am the pediatrician. I have come across children and parents who face this kind of problems. Does she have a similar problem with you?”

These words of the doctor caught Ravi’s attention.

“A .. I … I do not know. But we have often seen that Mini has something in her heart which she does not tell us. In the beginning, she hated us. And after Simmi’s death, she is silent” Ravi answered, sitting on the chair.

“Then I think that Mini has some ill feeling for you. Maybe she has not understood you ” the doctor said.