It was a cold, winter morning, the sun had not even shared its light with the world, but little Mini was up in her bed. Trin-Trin-n-n. The alarm clock struck six in the morning. But Mini was already up before time. It was Sunday. She was the first one to wake up every Sunday morning in the orphanage. Sunday was a special day. Mini waited eagerly for this day. There was no school. She went to the Church with Sister Martha and her best friend, Simmi. The whole day was spent playing, singing, picnicking and in fun and frolic. But for Mini, the most important was visiting her mother and father. Sister Martha took her to the graveyard, where Mini could spend time with her dead parents.

Mini was a beautiful little girl of six years. She lost her parents when she was only two and was left in the orphanage by her relatives who found difficult to look after her. Mini was too small when her parents died. She did not remember how her parents died but she was told that they died in an accident. Mini was saved somehow and was left to suffer the miseries of the world.

But for Mini everything was pleasant. When man ignorant of the fact, he is happy with his surroundings. For Mini, her best friend Sami was her main support. Though Simmi was five years older, age was not a barrier between them. Love knows no boundaries. Mini and Simmi were made for each other.

It was already 6:10. “Simmi didi, get up. It is 7:30,” said Mini said.

“7:30! Oh, It can’t be,” Simmi exclaimed, picking up the clock.

“Oh, it is only 6:10. Now, Mini if you can not see the time why do not you say so,” Simmi said with a sigh.

“But …,” Mini was about to speak but Simmi stopped her, “Ok! Now get ready for the Church.”

Without wasting much time they got ready and were present before Sister Martha at exactly 7 o’clock.

“Good Morning! Sister,” they greeted Sister with a smile.

“Good morning! Children.It’s good you are on time.

They went together to the Church.

While returning, Sister took Mini and Simmi the graveyard. Mini’s parents had died, but for Mini, they were staying with God. “Papa, have brought fresh flowers for you,” Mini’s innocence spoke up when she came near the grave. “And Mummy, for you l have brought red roses. I know you are staying with God. You need not worry about me.Sister is with me to look after me. Her innocence brought tears to Sister Martha’s eyes. Simmi too was affected but they could not show their grief.

They returned to the orphanage. St. Peter’s orphanage was a renowned orphanage. It had a good reputation and was well-known for the care gave to the children. Mini, Simmi and their other friends did not feel that they had been abandoned in this world.

Mini and Simmi decided what they would do that day. Christmas was near, so all the children were busy with their practices for the function.

“Rahul, take care of the choir. And you, Sumit look after the drama and the script. Oh! God Too much work,” Simmi exclaimed, being the head of the drama activities.

“Simmi a, what should I do?” Mini asked.

“I told you, you are in the drama. Go and meet Summit he will tell you what to do.”

The whole day was spent in practicing for the Christmas day function. Though there were still three weeks for Christmas, the enthusiastic children found it too little time for practice.

Days went by without much hindrance by Time. But did not seem that the days would be normal for Mini. Sister called Simmi. “Simmi, I know you have given so much to this orphanage. Your presence has added life to this orphanage. But there is much more in this world for you. A couple is here to adopt you. They will take good care of you. I think…” she was not able to complete when Simmi ran away. She was crying. She went to the garden and sat under a tree.

“Simmi didi, we are waiting to begin practice. They are calling you and you are sitting here! Come on!” Mini came close to her. “Why are you sitting here? Didi, are you crying? ”

Simmi tried to fight back her tears but could not do so. Her love and affection for the orphanage and especially for Mini made her cry inconsolably.

“Why are you crying, “Mini looked at Simmi with innocence

“I… I am being adopted,” Simmi said and burst out crying.

“Adopted? What do you mean by adopted?” she asked that ignorant of the term.

“It means that I will get a new mother and father,” Simmi replied trying to wipe her tears.

“Oh! that’s good! You’ll get your parents, “Mini said.” Oh! you do not understand I will leave this orphanage and go away from you, from Sister and from all my friends. I have read in books and I know, that new parents do not take care of the orphans. They treat us like servants. There is always a difference between us and their own children. And that same thing is going to happen to me, “Simmi said, sobbing. Simmi, words had an immense effect on Mini. She realized that Simmi was the right. There was a feeling in her which she could not express but it was making her weak from within.

Days passed swiftly and finally, December 25 came. This was the day when Simmi was being adopted. This day was special for all the children but not for Simmi and Mini. Simmi was sad because she was gaining something, Mini was sad because she was losing something.

It was 9 o’clock in the morning. The guests had arrived and the function was just about to begin. The show started and was very much liked by the audience and the Chief Guest. The main credit of the presentation went to Simmi. She felt the mixture of happiness and sadness.

After the function, Mr. And Mrs. James came to Sister Martha and after certain formalities they adopted Simmi.

Simmi and Minni were sitting in the garden. They were not talking to each other but their silence communicated with each other.