How do you picture your partner to be like? Would he be nice and caring? Would he stay as he is forever?

It is indeed very hard to answer these questions.  it brings shivers down our spine when we think of dying alone. But it’s the old age where people have to go through all these things after spending all their lives with a special someone.

Is it too necessary to get married?

People talk about marriage being an institution. But what exactly do they mean by this? For some of us marriage just stands for having a partner to spend life with but is this all. What about the commitments and responsibilities that come with it as soon as the knot is tied.

It was a silent night, Mr. Naidu was trying to get some sleep when he suddenly realised that his wife was sweating and shivering heavily. He got nervous and was not able to think what to do. Mr. Naidu was a retired government servant and lived in his apartment with his wife and a caretaker. His wife had been suffering from severe diseases like diabetes and uneven blood pressure levels.

That night proved to be fatal, but he came through it quite bravely. It was only possible because he never lost faith in himself, in god, and yes, last but not the least his wife.  People have a term in Hindi for wives who are devoted to their husband –“pativrata”. I always wondered why  there  wasn’t a word like that for husbands who are devoted to their wives – like ”patnivrata”. But this man really deserved to be called that.

Love is not just getting involved into a romantic relationship, in fact it is about how the two of them adjust with each other in their highs and lows. How well they can support each other when one of them is in need.

Mr. and Mrs. Naidu had to face loneliness in the age when needed the support of their children the most. All three of his daughters were interested in the money they would get after their parents would die. And their one and only son lived far away because of his work.

Mr. Naidu being optimistic never really paid attention to all these things going around, but would sometimes get upset when unintentionally these thoughts occurred in his mind.

He kept on fighting for his wife’s life. Everyone said that it was only Mr. Naidu who has kept his wife alive till now. He was able to do this because he knew he was in place of her she would also do this for him.

That’s what marriage is. Sacrifice is what it demands to get it till the end.