His eyes were pink, heart melting, afterall it was the big day for the girl of his dreams as she was getting ready for her wedding the same night. He stood behind the curtains to see her before going away from his memories forever. She saw him too in her mirror, but could not gather enough courage to turn around and make an eye contact to ask him, why he could not stand up for her at the time when she needed him the most…

Both knew in their hearts that life wouldn’t end without each other. Both of them were very sane human beings so none will commit suicide even if they part. But they also knew that it will just be a normal life. Nothing like the fairytale they had always wished for their future. It will be a life, less than than death, a plain ordinary life.

Sitting on a beautiful chair, the bride to be continued to adore her hair, her hands, her lips, one by one and her lover maintained his distant glance at her all this while. She wore a beautiful red lehnga and a gorgeous cream dupatta. Added the darkest shade of black kajal to compliment her big brown eyes. Seductive red lipstick and and golden highlights completed her bridal look.

Just after finishing her makeup she looked into the mirror, but before herself she looked at Armaan looking at her with mouth wide open. So she didn’t bother to look at herself. She judged her look by her lovers reaction. Both were equally burning in an inextinguishable flame of silent remorse. For her the regret was choosing the wrong man and for him it perhaps was to let her go like this. But nothing could be done now, when things have gone too far. She rose up from her chair and proceeded to the wedding escorted by all her family and friends.

She dressed herself like a femme fatale not for her husband but for her lover. Not to get anyone’s attention but to kill those eyes who were attending her all this while. She was successful in her mission and not finding him anywhere again knew he couldn’t bear it any longer. Now happy at her victory and tortured by his memories she sat against the pit of fire and gave her seven promises to the new man in her life. He too must be having some charm, but she wasn’t prepared to acknowledge that. Her mind was still running behind a coward, who left her months back. Her thoughts were still painted by his colours. She was falling weak on her knees also aware of the fact that since she had decided to move on so there was no going back available to her any longer. At the end fate has had her way and again defeated the goddess of love by making the two lovers unhappy.

It was saddest moment for this girl, whereas people often quoted it to be the happiest moment of a bride’s life. At this moment two lovers parted for good. At the same moment a thousand memories burned with the holy flame. And this very moment an innocent girl’s heart shattered like numbered broken pieces of a glass. How could she not cry at the painful hour of dying dreams?

She wanted to cry, but her makeup was much costlier than her feelings for a lost relationship. She hid her sorrow behind her beautiful smile. She didn’t wanted to waste a single second of her life for a person who has given her up to perhaps a far better stranger. Yes! She got happily engaged that day to a person who will be there for her but the only irony will be that she will suffer the same fate which many forlorn lovers suffer when it’s all over.

Then something crossed her mind, and she came to realise her surroundings. The bubble of imagination surrounding her head finally blasted and she as if out of a nightmare lifted herself up. She knew past is gone and future is unseen. So the only option left was to enjoy the moment. Afterall it was her wedding. That day she laughed a lot, half to cover up her sadness and partly to let her spirit know she owns herself. Her husband watched her happy face from behind his sehra and smiled to see the real beauty of his future wife.

The ceremonies for the night ended cheerfully without any snag. And it was time for the bride to leave her parent’s home to start a new life. With a smile on her adorable little face she sat inside the car with her husband. He off her a handkerchief to wipe her tears off her face. As she held it in her hands she was taken aback by shock. She rubbed her eyes and looked again at the piece of cloth to check if her vision is not decieving her but it was not. Sameera turned her face towards her husband and what she saw then was the epitome of dream come true. The man she was sitting with in the car, the man she married the previous night, the man who was staring her while she was dressing herself was none other than her long time lover Arman.

It took her almost five more minutes to believe that she has really married the prince charming of her dreams. Out of pure joy she cried wrapping her lover in a warm embrace. She thought they have lost each other forever but goddess of love won again by playing her tricks brilliantly.

There they renewed those seven promises on the back seat of their car as per their memory. And promised each other to never let go, no matter how difficult the situations are. This is we say love always finds a way. And this should be the way of the world if we want to live happily ever after.