We must not look at only the physical aspects of a person, but watch the feelings and manner of being.

About 500 years ago, there was a mummy named Bleach who was in life a very powerful. Pharaoh named Tuan Jam and Cheese, who was the king of all Egypt.

Once the mummy Bleach awoke in his sarcophagus because an archaeologist who wanted the jewels of the tomb opened it. His name was Spots. Bleach awoke and went out of his tomb to live again, but first, he had to enamor a girl named Sela. So he could live again The trouble was that he was so ugly that it would be very difficult for him to enamor Sela.

Next morning, Bleach hid himself to watch beautiful Sela in her beautiful palace, so he could see the way to enter her room without being seen by the guards. Suddenly, he saw a ladder behind some plants and ran to pick it up and hide it. He waited and waited until night when most of the guards were sleeping. Then he saw that the guard that was under the window of Sela’s bedroom went into the garden. Bleach put the ladder and climbed, opened the window, threw the ladder away, and entered the room.

Immediately, Sela shouted, but Bleach covered her mouth with his hand and she saw Bleach such as he was, very ugly. He was like the monster, with many bandages and deformities on his nose and mouth.

Bleach explained to Sela about Spots, the archaeologist who had opened his tomb, and that in order to live again without being so ugly a mummy, he had to marry her, because she was the most beautiful girl in all Egypt.

Sela was amazed, watched him but did not see his exterior. But she thought about his words and realized that he was beautiful because he was full of tenderness, with a big Heart.

As days went by Bleach visited Sela at the same hour every day in her bedroom, using the same tricks without making mistakes.

After a month, Sela kissed Bleach for the first time with real love. Bleach was so happy that he decided to ask her father if he could marry Sela. Her father was the Pharaoh Tutan Meat and Fish

Sela’s father at the beginning was scared, but when he got to know Bleach’s story, he was moved and agreed to the marriage.

Sela and Bleach got married in the best Sanctuary of Egypt and when they kissed at the end of the ceremony, Bleach has converted again into the most strong, handsome, and powerful: Tutan Jam and Cheese.

Tuan Jam and Cheese with his wife Sela were very happy and lived with love and respect. They had beautiful children named:

Jam: In Tutan Jam s father’s honor.

Cheese: Also in his father’s honor.

Meat: In his grandfather’s honor.

Fish: Also in this grandfather, honor.

And the last was a nice girl named Sausage:

In Sela’s grand-grand-mother’s honor.

And they all lived happily forever.