There is a great importance of balance in all aspects of our lives. Be in finance, relationships, family, and work balance is of central importance. Now there are people who teach extremism in life (sometimes called extremists) which manifest as idealism of certain ideas, fanatism- generally with religious beliefs, etc. something that drives people almost to the point of crazy at times. There are many problems to living a life in such way: apart from the social disorder that they are generally known for, they, psychologically/individually, create great fixation to certain story. Story woven together with layers of beliefs whose sole pupose is to give meaning to people’s lives.

Now we must realize in life that there are no ground rules in the bed of reality. There are only certain rules that bind us to the world- because we could experience things as a human. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You are to choose by making the necessary alterations to the story that you are presented to you in your life. There are no ground rules as such that you should not live a rich life or that you should do something for social cause while living a sub-standard life yourself. There is no one to decide, and there is no final judgment to it than the one you decide. Now the life you are choosing is the one you are defining what your ideal life should be. You must remember you could have defined your life differently. Now the definition that you will provide will be very specific to your conditions. You cannot just say you want to live on Mars next moment. It is not that it is very impossible logically but practically desiring that out of the blue is childish.

A human animal is born with certain psychological and physical needs that he wish to indulge with in different ways throughout his or her life. Now the way you have wanted to do that or society has made you to want something will decide the course your story while you are here on earth.

When we are talking about striking the balance, we are not talking about resorting oneself to mediocrity. No. Never. If you could fly to the highest skies and desire so, you should all means. Instead, what is important is to have have an outlook for getting a fixation over any aspect of your life, in other words, you must have a personality (yes personality ) that is as fluid as life itself, always free-flowing, moving around, and living.