This is the story of a lovely girl whose aim in life is to do something for her parents and give them happiness. Once she meets a boy whom she starts liking but she keeps this thing in her heart, one day that boy calls her and both of them start talking, that girl starts to be very happy. She thinks that she has got every happiness but what did she know that he has come to end her life. That girl dreams of becoming a doctor, she works hard and she gets admission in medical, in the beginning, the boy does not have any problem with her studies. Time passes that girl’s love gets deeper but that boy’s attitude keeps on changing and one day the boy says to the girl either choose studies or him. That girl has become so mad in love that she leaves her studies. the boy shows her the dream of marriage. One day he asks her to come for a physical relationship. The girl offers to get married but he says that the marriage has to happen. They enter into a physical relationship. The girl’s life gets completely ruined, her parents leave her and the boy also leaves her. That girl reminds him of his promise, but he has forgotten everything and that girl becomes all alone. And she started studying in a small school. Somehow she is living her life suddenly that boy again comes in her life and apologizes to her and that girl is so innocent that she starts talking to him again that she had truly loved him. One day the boy tells her let’s go for a walk and she goes with him. The boy takes her to an isolated place, the girl asks him where are we going, he says there is a surprise for you, and the crazy girl is so happy Suddenly two men come and the boy gives the girl’s hand to both of them and takes money from them. The girl shouts what have you done to me, the boy laughs and says that love is a cheat and leaves the girl in their hands.