Once upon a time in the city of Jammu, there was a smart boy named Aryan. He was really clever, but something changed when he was in the sixth grade. His parents got divorced, and he had to live with his mom. Aryan was a naughty boy and liked to have many girlfriends. He didn’t care about their feelings and would date them without thinking.

One day, Aryan saw a very beautiful girl and instantly liked her. But he couldn’t meet her at that time. After four months, his friend started telling him about a girl in their tuition class. Aryan didn’t pay much attention to his friend’s talk because he never cared before. But one day, Aryan and his friend were walking on the streets when Aryan saw the same girl he had liked before. He told his friend, “Look at that girl! She is so beautiful!” His friend started laughing and told him that it was the same girl he had been talking about all along. Aryan was shocked and curious about her.

One day, Aryan’s friend went to the tuition class and was surprised to see Aryan already sitting inside who even ran from the smell of books. Aryan smiled at him and told the teacher that his friend had praised the teacher’s teaching skills and that’s why he wanted to join the class too. Aryan’s friend was amazed by Aryan’s plan and the unexpected turn of events.

After discovering the name of the beautiful girl as Kavya, Aryan eagerly awaited her arrival at the tuition class. He learned from others that Kavya attended the evening batch, while he was in the afternoon batch. Determined to see her, Aryan decided to switch to the evening batch.

The next day, he arrived early, not wanting to miss anything. Aryan couldn’t help but daydream about how Kavya would enter the class. He imagined her being polite, intelligent, sweet, and innocent. His expectations were high, and he eagerly anticipated her arrival.

Finally, the moment arrived. Kavya entered the tuition class and immediately approached the teacher to inform them about a boy who had been stalking her outside. In a loud voice, she used some harsh and offensive words to describe the person. Aryan was shocked by her choice of words, but rather than being put off, he found himself even more intrigued by her fiery nature.

To know what happens next, stay tuned for the next part of the story.