Magic and Science have many things in common, but at the same time there are equal number of contradictions. Magic can involve science but science can never involve magic.

Scientists tend to believe anything that has a valid scientific explanation, whereas magicians can use magic as an act of deceiving the human eye at times.

Venice was a good place for people interested in Science as well as Magic. There were many clubs and groups that would indulge in promoting science or magic to the kids in the city.

One fine day, on the streets of Venice a group of famous and talented scientists gathered to address a group of children and motivate them to believe in science. As all the children gathered around, the chief of the club Mr. Khan greeted the children, “Good morning! My dear young scientists!”. Almost every single kid there was excited to listen to his talk. Mr. Khan continued,

“The world works on science, everything that is happening around has a scientific reason behind it and all the machinery and automobiles you see every day are some marvels generated by science. This city needs more scientists.

The scientists standing along with me have designed many prototypes for the benefit of the civilians of this city. We need more young minds to take over their designs and make them completely functional.”

Most of the kids were impressed by his talk and decided to join the science club. While Khan was looking at the excited kids waiting for their turn to enrol themselves, he noticed one kid who was upset. Khan approached him and asked, “What’s your name young boy?” The kid replied, “I am Nathan Phelps.” “You look depressed, what’s wrong?”, asked the scientist.

“I was excited about your talk until I knew that you represented the science club. I am just disappointed because of my expectation.”

Mr. Khan tried convincing Nathan into joining the science club but all his efforts were futile. As Mr. Khan left Nathan alone, Nathan’s friend and arch rival George Allen approached Nathan. “You let the opportunity slip right through your hands my friend.” Said George with a gentle smile on his face. “I don’t find Science interesting.”, replied Nathan with the same expression.

George was a bright student and had good understanding ability. He considered science as the defining element for everything in life and this motivated him to choose science over magic.

Nathan was not a logical thinker like George but he had the creativity. He attended a lot of street magic shows in his younger days which inspired him to stick to magic.

A few days passed by, and Nathan was still waiting for the Magic club to come take him. By this time George had moved to the research and development lab.

Nathan almost lost hope in the club and decided to build his interest in something else. He started looking for other choices as he roamed on the streets of Venice. “BOOM!!!!!!!”, Nathan heard a loud noise and rushed to the scene just to see the place covered with thick white smoke. He thought it was some prank played by the scientists and decided to leave the place.

Just as he turned around, a man spoke in a loud voice, “My dear wizards! Let’s go!”. The five words were all that he had to recruit the kids into the club.  Nathan ran towards them in excitement.

He registered with the magic club and fulfilled his dream. Nathan was asked to immediately shift to the Mage’s lair. He quickly ran home, packed his things and left to the lair.

Nathan worked hard to master his skills in spells and illusion tricks to keep up with his science rival George. He learnt alchemy to create potions useful for magic and studied how to deceive the human eye.

A few months later during the winter break, everyone returned home. George was doing well in his research and he also enhanced a design of his mentor and Nathan had mastered a good number of spells and few deceptive illusion tricks.

One afternoon they stumble on to each other near George’s house. “How’s Science?” asked Nathan. “It’s great, like to see my skills?” replied George. Without any further delay, George took out his new blueprint about an engine that uses air as a fuel to run. George explained everything to Nathan and Nathan grabbed a picture of what George was trying to say. “Did you understand anything?” asked George with an annoying smile on his face. “Yeah I do understand the basic principles behind the functioning of the engine.” George slowly folded the blueprint and said,

“See, scientists don’t need magic but magic needs science! Science is great.”

“Alright then let me show you some magic”, said Nathan. “Your blueprint will disappear in a few minutes.” He placed a cloth over the blueprint and casted a spell. He removed the cloth and the blueprint vanished.

“What? I can’t believe this, this is impossible!” exclaimed George.

Nathan said,

“Every human relies on their eyes and knowledge and if something happens with a reason, they tend to believe it even if it’s an illusion. You don’t have the proof that the blueprint’s still there. Magic doesn’t require science always.”

Nathan removed another thin film that was placed over the blueprint, it was painted with the same colour. George couldn’t believe that he was fooled by a simple trick.

“Knowledge and experience are ambiguous. Thus reality also can become an illusion. Magic and Science are two different fields that teach us different aspects of life.”