When Rachel left to school, she thought it was a normal day. She didn’t expect any surprises. She entered the class sat there looking out of the window completely blocking out the lecture. She didn’t realize Jess was calling out her name and when she finally came back to reality she saw that the lecture was done and it was recess. She gathered her books and came out of the room taking to a bunch of friends.

The next lecture was the last lecture for the day and everyone was excited, partly for the lecture and partly because it was the last one. This professor, Mr. Ruben was a happy chap. He always greeted everyone with a big smile and he comes up with new and crazy ideas to make the class interactive. All was us were waiting for him, he entered coolly and began,

“Today we are going to do something you will enjoy”

and continued as the class attentively grabbed his each and every word. After ten minutes he finally revealed that we were about to organize a radio show.

Wow!!! This is huge! Everyone was bouncing in their seats. There were many ideas from the class on how to do this task and there was complete chaos. Mr. Ruben had suggested brilliant ideas himself and advised us to form teams of 6 students each and coordinate the show.

Now he called out, “Is anyone interested in being a team lead?”

a few hands were in the air and among them was Jess.

These team leads had to choose five members. Well Rachel was looking at Jessica, obviously she would pick her. Jess also picked the guy from the bowling alley. By this time Rach got used to being around that guy and it always took extra effort to actually make a conversation with him. Rachel thought, “We’ll see how this goes” and glared at Jess, who was happy looking at her team.

Rachel put her thoughts aside and noticed that Jess picked each person with a different talent. Mike, Ty, Sarah, Joe along with Jess and Rach were responsible for the first ten minutes of the show. The show was exactly on the same day next week. So all of us agreed to meet after the class. The rest of the lecture went smoothly but Rach was busy thinking of how the week will go. She was nervous about the fact that Joe was in her team and Jess would do almost anything to make her talk to him.

Jess was always pushy considering the fact that she knows everything about her crush on Joe. The first time Rach saw Joe, she stared at him for moments which passed like decades. Rach thought Jess didn’t notice and tried to act cool but this was Jess we are dealing with and she notices everything. Rach thought to herself that she could do this. She did it once, she focused on her bowling the other day, so she repeated to herself stay cool, stay strong.. and the bell rang .

So now they meet…
More about Rachel coming soon…..