Richie finally finished the project he was working on all this weekend. The giant grandfather clock in his living room dangled two times. He stretched his arms long as he yawned; the work stress had really got him for the last couple of days. He jumped into his bed straight away and curled himself under the comfort of his sheets. Richie needed this sleep badly; the next morning was quite important for his career.

He almost dozed off when suddenly, he could heard a faint tapping nearby. He didn’t want to pay any attention; it was already hard for him to keep his eyes open. But every time Richie ignored the taps, the knocking started to amplify itself a little more. There were three continuous taps followed by a silence for a few seconds and then it started again.

Richie’s head started to throb at the continuous interruption. Being agitated he got out of his bed, wore his glasses, and stared around the room with tired eyes. But every time he thought he was getting closer to the source, he found nothing. He checked all his windows, and the taps in his bathroom – none of them were creating that sound. He was so vexed with it, he mumbled gazing around his room – ” Where the hell this sound is coming…” his voice was interrupted by a sneaky laugh. This time Richie was scared. He was all alone in this apartment; who the hell was laughing at 2 a.m.? The laughter continued. Richie followed his ears; his heart was beating out of his chest but this wasn’t about his sleep deprivation anymore. Someone or something was there. Inside his room. He regained courage in his voice – “Whoever you are; you are messing with the wrong person; show yourself.” The laughter stopped. There was an unbeaten silence for a few seconds. Then a raspy voice whispered- “Look behind…” Horrified, Richie turned around; he was standing in front of his dressing mirror. His eyes bulged out to see his late-night whisperer. Though Richie was standing still; his reflection moved forward, held his hand up, and tapped on the mirror three times; with a vicious grin.