Youth: the name of tomorrow, key to contemporary sorrows.

Youth: the hope for today, setting an example through the rules they obey.

On 37th National Youth Day, let’s consider it our conscientious to pay homage to the epitome of bright eyed Swami Vivekananda. With his bblessing let’s move on to the discriptive part of the essay. The topic is divided into three intriguing words ‘Previously’, ‘Existing’ and ‘Upcoming’. Let’s start with the term ‘Previously’. Back in the earlier times’ youth was also considered to be the funk and soul of every society. At the time of independence in 1947 and even before that youth icon like Shahid Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, etc. instill a sense of Nationalism in the heart of youth. The values that the previous youth has enshrined are a sense of sacrifice, respect for motherland, concord with others, etc. But to add to the legacy, the existing youth has taken the podium. Today’s youth is not only restricted to their work and life but  is playing a vital role in inspiring the World around. He is crossing the horizons, traveling across oceans of uncertainity, passing the despair. But many times this passing is considered as trespassing, and today’s youth is considered the lost generation, as said by Kim Namjoon,  a member of boy-band Bts in the UN general assembly. He  further added that ‘We’re the welcome generation’ because instead of fearing changes this generation says ‘Welcome’ and keep forging ahead. Today’s youth is becoming more self-aware and is moving ahead with the thought of sustainability, They are showing the world new ideologies of loving yourself and  of being self-partnered. Existing Youth are not feared of the thought of wrong choices and decisions but are encouraged by the idea of making choices in dynamic conditions. Having said about previous and existing Youth, the upcoming generation is expected to accept the world with all its bane and boon. They will fight aloofness, will challenge their limits, and will work harder to bloom the flower ecstasy in the world.