New is just another version of the old, an artificial version of the natural existence, accepting the new without the premise of old makes beliefs irrational until the moment when they are challenged!!!


Bright lights went dim and the noise of the crowd went into silence, the appraisals went towards a humming sound creating goose bumps in my ears. It was a long time that I came to my favourite place on earth for a leisure. Then I saw Ramu kaka cleaning my house. I find this person way too connected to me for whatsoever reasons. He just understands how I prioritize my decision and is damn good at executing them just as per my taste.

He stopped cleaning the utensils and asked me the purpose of arranging this party in a large scale after such a long time, that made me feel quite good to answer. I went on saying, “Yes, kaka, it is a great achievement that I had recently; I am rewarded as the best business tycoon in the country. It was the sumptuous ceremony of celebration for this grand success of my life. So, I arranged it in my farm-house. I love this place. The pine trees at both sides of the path from the gate to this place of mine, look fabulous. The lawn is well maintained by my care-taker appointed over here.

The swimming pool here is too beautiful. Such a big one; I love it. Even you know what! I have kept it in the mid of my lawn. That gives me a feeling too natural. When I just take a bathe there and get up; it’s like sun is in the sky and

I will be stepping on the green grass of my lawn, it feels like heaven. What to say about the night shower. In the moonlit night it feels too romantic.

To the backyard of this house we have plants that have golden coloured leaves and very bushy. They enhance the beauty of this place. In the cool breeze of winter when they move slowly, I feel as if they are playing, enjoying the cold. And I’m so fortunate that this time all my guests have this opportunity to experience this view. Yes, it’s because now this is the winter time and the same play is going on here. Some of my guests have even stayed here for the night to enjoy this ceremony of love with the rising sun of tomorrow. This is a great honour to me really. People like Mr.Keats and Mr.Williams are staying to enjoy the show of my farm house.”

He said being happy for me, “Congratulations Sir, it is for this reasons that your father used to say that you had a long way to go! May God give all the parents in the earth a son like you.”

That made me quite struck, I just felt as if all my pomp vanished in a moment, “Well, kaka, I don’t know what my father really meant by that but looking at his circumstances and outlook I would rather say he said things quite in a generic manner, he never might have imagined this. He revered these things as such a height that he might not have imagined his son to be a business-man. He used to compare the street shops to big businesses, he would say business is the same however what matters is the scale of operation. Well, I would not agree, as businesses really differ on what they operate as much as how and how much!”

I felt somehow as Ramu kaka felt bad on this and he simply switched the topic to say, “Well, son, how was the food? The caterer was really being stubborn not to come but I managed quite hard to convince him to come.”

I felt as if I have grown irresponsible and with a sudden rush I asked, “Why kaka? Didn’t you have food yet?”

He said, “No, I had my food but I just wanted to know how your guests liked it? You know, tastes differ and they do matter.”

I now got the context and suddenly replied, “I am sorry. In the pleasure of my house I forgot to mention the party of the night. The food preparation was liked by all my guests. The caterer was an awesome personality. I am quite impressed with him. He cooks too delicious. I know him much before this. His food tastes too good and that’s why I just invited him here. Thank God, the decision worked fantastic. I’m happy that my guests were well taken care of.

Credit goes to that man, my caterer and you of course.  But seriously, I don’t like his life-style. I don’t understand how they lead their life there in such an uncivilized manner!

His residence is in a very disgusting place. I don’t like that at all. In the country side, by the side of the river Narmada much nearer to the paddy fields he lives there. They are two brothers. His elder brother is into farming and he is into this. Quite a good business raw materials at hand to produce and serve; No! But their living; so obnoxious; I tell you. They go to bathe there in that river. I wonder how the modern man can live in such a manner! Bathing in the river!!! Having paddy fields at the backyard; how village-like that does seem!

Those grass in the front of their home! The creepers of bitter guard and cucumber at the side! They say, they are in peace there in the cradle of nature!  But how can they be happy in such a village like atmosphere! Again the occupation of his elder brother! The job of uneducated people! I can’t even imagine how cheap their life style must be! Working in the mud and dust amid the barn in dirty clothes! No sense of fashion! They don’t even know the manners of dressing well! Living like the uncivilized people of history! I can’t believe they are a part of the modern society.

Quite a mass opines regarding this. Even in our high society some people think farming needs to be encouraged. But if farmers are this part of the society with whom I can’t even think to click a photo sitting side by side; how can they be important! Like, I am a very important person in the society and I do hold a good position. I am being dressed in an imported brand and wear foreign branded shoes. My shoes even cost more than their monthly expenses. And look at this segment debating that these farmers should be given a good place in the society. But I want them to rethink on the issue that whether they think this segment of farmers to be social…!

Kaka was astounded and asked me just a question, “Well, son, what was your business about? I forgot, sorry…”

I was taken aback at his forgetfulness and said, “We are one of the biggest bakery industry in the world.”

He then again asked, “Yeah, now I remember, and you procure your materials from the farmers residing near river Ganga… right?”

I was feeling the whiskey making its heaviness feel and I was just sensing what he intended to say with these little questions, I nodded and wished him goodnight but in reality the sun has risen inside me to wake me up from the dreariest dream that I was having…!


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