This is the story of a girl called “Pihu”. this is like her personal diary through we can know about her life.


After knowing her dad will not return home for two more week Pihu was afraid to stay alone with her mom. She decided to share her confusions with her mom. So Pihu said,

Mom, I want to tell you something

Pihu’s mom already noticed that Pihu seems to be confused for the past few days.

Tell me dear, what’s your problem?

Mom I want to tell something related with the robbery incident which has happened few days earlier.

What was that Pihu?

Mom, I have seen a man with a black face mask near the compound wall of our nearby house.  He must be a thief and the police have also mentioned that his name was robin and he has escaped from the jail. I have read this information from the newspaper.

Mom I have seen the same man with a black face mask yesterday. He was running nearby the home which has caught fire.

Pihu’s mom: oh my god.

Pihu: should I need to share this information with the police?

Pihu’s mom:  Sure Pihu. It’s our duty to help the police. Don’t worry. I will call the police.

Pihu: thank you mom. Now I am feeling better.

1 hour later, they got a call from the police station.

Alex: hello, I’m Alex the investigating officer

Pihu’s mom:  hello sir. I have called you 1 hour before.

Alex: yes, actually I was in a meeting. So I couldn’t talk with you.

Pihu’s mom:  no problem sir. Can we talk now?

Alex: yes, tell me.

Pihu’s mom: A thief had entered into our neighbor’s house few days before. Sir, my daughter Pihu has seen a man wearing black face mask on that day and also yesterday where a house in our street caught fire.

Alex: yes we know that he is robin. We are sure about this because he only wears a black face mask whenever he is doing any criminal activities.

Pihu’s mom: yes sir. My daughter also said the same as she knew this information through newspaper.

Alex: good. I really appreciate your efforts to share this information with us. Thank you so much. Please don’t worry about this. We will arrange for police patrolling every day in your area.

Pihu’s mom: thank you so much sir. Then we can live without tension.

Alex: That’s ok madam. It’s our duty.

Pihu’s mom:  Pihu now put an end to your confusions. The investigating officer Alex said he will arrange for police patrolling every day in our area.

Pihu: oh. That’s great mom. Now I am relieved from the stress.

Pihu’s mom: Pihu, what I have told you? You can share anything with me. Don’t hesitate.

Pihu: ok, love you ma.

Pihu’s mom: love you dear.

Pihu, at the College

After one hour of the lectures, Pihu went to cafeteria along with her friends. They discussed about their exams. After few minutes, everyone moved to their class room. Suddenly abhishek came there and called Pihu. Pihu, could you please spend few minutes with me?

Pihu turned towards reena, but reena didn’t notice abhishek as she was talking with the other friends and she was about to leave the cafeteria. So Pihu called Clara and said she will come to class after few minutes.

Abhishek: Pihu

Pihu: tell me abhishek

Abhishek: I want to meet you in the park near to your home.

Pihu: is there any special reason?

Abhishek: yes Pihu. It’s personal.

Pihu:  ok abhishek we will meet in the park at 6.0’ clock in the evening.

Abhishek: thank you Pihu.

Pihu:  Pihu was thinking what abhishek is going to say in the park. But her instinct says that he is going to propose her.

Pihu: She is thinking that what she should say if abhishek proposed her.

Pihu, at the Park

Pihu entered the park and saw abhishek. Both smiled at each other.

Abhishek:  Pihu you look stunning.

Pihu: oh. Come on abhishek. I am the same girl whom you meet every day in the college.

Abhishek:  no Pihu. I didn’t tell lie. It’s true that you are looking so beautiful and I am in love with you Pihu.

Pihu: abhishek, what are you saying?

Abhishek:  yes Pihu. I am deeply in love with you Pihu. I started loving you from the first day of our college. My love is true.

Pihu: Pihu exactly remembers the words what reena said about abhishek. Reena also said the same.

Abhishek:  Pihu. Tell something.

Pihu: abhishek we know each other only few days before. Within a month how can I say anything?

Abhishek: Pihu, do you need time to decide about this?

Pihu: Yes abhishek. Moreover I want to complete my graduation and want to pursue higher studies. I cannot think about my marriage now.

Abhishek: Pihu I just expressed my feelings about you. You don’t need to think like I will become an obstacle to your studies. I just want to know what you feel about me.

Pihu: ok abhishek. I completely understand what you are trying to say. But I need time to think.

Abhishek:  ok Pihu. I will wait for you.

Pihu was feeling happy that abhishek like her. But she wants to make sure about her feelings towards abhishek. So she said she needs time to think. Pihu saw her watch. It is already 7’O clock. She didn’t realize that for the past one hour she was talking with abhishek.

To reach her home, she should walk for 15 minutes. The park is near to her home. She was thinking about abhishek. When she turned towards her street, she had noticed someone is following her. Initially she thought that it may be a person who was living in that street. But she wants to make sure about that.

Pihu wants to see the face of the person who is following her. She purposely left her wallet in the ground then she stopped walking.  The person who is following her also didn’t proceed further. Now Pihu was sure that he is following Pihu. She pretends as she is taking her wallet back from the ground.

Pihu bent downstairs and looks back. The moment Pihu turned back to see the man, the person suddenly move away from the place. So Pihu couldn’t see his face.

She is worried now. Who is that person, stalker?

Pihu, at the College

Pihu: hi girls

Pihu’s friends: hi Pihu.

Preethi: Pihu do you have any plans today evening?

Pihu: no. but why preethi?

Preethi: we have a plan. Can we all go for a movie today?

Pihu: we all means, only girl’s right?

Preethi: yes. But reena wants abhishek to join with us.

Pihu: at what time the film will end. Do you know that?

Preethi: Pihu, it will end around 10’o clock. But don’t worry. Abhishek said he will arrange a car for us.

Pihu: car? Is that abhishek’s car?

Preethi: yes, Pihu.

Pihu: ok preethi. Let me ask my mom then I will send you a message you in the evening.

Preethi: why Pihu? If your mom didn’t allow then, what will you do?

Pihu: Mom will not object for this plan. Actually my dad is not in our home. He went for an official trip. So if I go for a movie then my mom should stay alone in the home.

Preethi: don’t worry Pihu. If you think you are getting late then you can return back to your home before the movie ends.

Pihu: that’s a good idea. Moreover I don’t like to watch movies and I like to hear the songs only.

Pihu, at Home

Pihu: Where are you mom?

Pihu’s mom:  baby why are you shouting? I am here in the kitchen.

Pihu:  mom without your approval, I have decided something.

Pihu’s mom:  what was that Pihu?

Pihu: ma. My friends have decided to watch a movie in the evening. I have also said I will join with them.

Pihu’s mom:  ok what’s wrong in it?

Pihu: will you manage alone in the home.

Pihu’s mom:  Pihu, I am not a kid. You should take care of yourself. But why are you asking like this Pihu?

Pihu: I was worried about the incidents which had happened in our street.

Pihu’s mom:  don’t worry Pihu. I will manage but at what time you will be returning home?

Pihu: ma, I will return home around 10’o clock. But if I didn’t like the movie I will return back earlier.

Pihu’s mom: will you return home alone?

Pihu: no ma. Abhishek will come with me.

Pihu’s mom:   ok Pihu. Take care of yourself. It’s the first time you are going for a movie without your family.

Pihu: yes. But mom if you wish you can also join with us.

Pihu’s mom: Smiled at Pihu. It’s your day Pihu. Just enjoy.

Pihu: thank you mom.

Pihu, at the Theatre

Pihu: Clara, where is reena?

Clara: she is buying tickets for us. See there. She is standing near the ticket counter.

Pihu: where is abhishek?

Clara: he will come within 10 minutes.

Pihu: ok Clara.

Clara: hey, look at there.

Pihu: abhishek came near to them and smiled at Pihu.

Clara. As Clara said the movie is about to begin in a few minutes, they all went inside the hall.

They saw reena is already sitting in a chair. She called abhishek and others to come by her side. When they moved towards reena she asked abhishek to sit next to her. So he sits near to reena but he looked at Pihu. He wants to see Pihu’s reaction. When Pihu tries to move away from them reena asked Pihu to sit on the other side of abhishek. So abhishek sits in the middle. Reena and Pihu sits on either side of abhishek.

The movie begins. After an hour, Pihu noticed reena’s head tilted towards the shoulders of abhishek. Pihu didn’t know what abhishek is thinking now. Though she know that reena is in love with abhishek, she is feeling irritated now. So she decided to return home during intermission. She waited patiently. Within 15 minutes, Pihu noticed the words intermission in the screen.

The people around them went outside. So Pihu thinks this would be the right time. She said, girls I am going to leave now.

Preethi: Pihu, what happened?

Clara: Pihu, please don’t go now.

Reena: why Pihu? Is there any issues?

Pihu: chill girls. There is nothing to be worried. You all know already that I have no interest to watch movies. I have come here just to spend time with you all. My mom will be alone in the home. So I should go now.

Clara: but what about the movie? How can you go in the middle of a movie?

Pihu:  Don’t worry Clara. You tell me the rest of the movie tomorrow in the college.

So her friends said ok, bye Pihu. Abhishek will come with you.

Reena: reena said abhishek come quick. I’ll be waiting for you.

Abhishek: ok reena.

Pihu: Pihu noticed that abhishek was not happy. Abhishek is driving the car. Pihu remains quiet.

Abhishek: Pihu I am really sorry for reena’s behavior in the theatre.

Pihu: I already know that she will behave like this.

Abhishek: sorry, I’ll tell reena about our love.

Pihu: abhishek, still I didn’t accept your love.

Abhishek:  he smiled at Pihu. You will accept my proposal Pihu. I know about your feelings.

There was silence between them for a minute.

Abhishek:  Pihu, share your feelings with me. Don’t worry about anyone. I will take care of you.

Pihu: she smiled at abhishek. The car has been stopped.

Abhishek: Now we have reached your home. Bye. See you tomorrow in the college.

Pihu: thank you abhishek. Bye

Pihu went near the main door of her home. She didn’t want to disturb her mom.  She had another door key. Pihu was about to open the main door. Then she saw a bunch of flowers near the door with a sticky note. Pihu got surprised. She knew that abhishek did not buy those flowers.  So Pihu opened the sticky note above the flowers. There she found “to my princess, Pihu” I love you”.