Its about a girl in the womb who describes her feelings when she is aborted. 

I am colour of walls in my home, I am the aroma of food prepared at my home, I am the trumpet that keeps playing all the time in festive occasions and I am the daughter of this house who makes it a home.

Today is very special day of my life; everyone in my family is very happy. Each corner of my house is full with people enjoying their food and drink. I am very nicely dressed with jewellery and dress of my choice and a very special chunni that my grad mom gave me which she made herself. I am so in love with this smile that is present on face of mom when she is welcoming people.

My younger brother is sitting right next to me and he is cuddling me whenever he gets an opportunity. He doesn’t want me to go indeed he is arguing to come with me. Such an innocent kid, so much in love with his sister.

Awwwww I wish I could take him with me. My college friends are about to come and I am already blushing with the thought of the things they gone talk to me. Does this happen with every girl or it’s just me who is felling such thing when she is about to get married.

Apparently I see the courtyard of my house where I see the young me crawling around, throwing  stuff,” look I stood up on my feet”, “today my teacher scolded me for not cutting my nails”,  “dadi tell me what happened to ganesha after that”, “mom where are you my friends are about to come today is my birthday everything should be perfect”, “dad see I learned bharatnatyam”, “He is only my younger bro”,  “ssshhhhhh I can’t speak loudly everyone is sleeping”,  “mom I don’t think I can ever learn how to cook”…………..aaahhhh, all these pictures started coming in my mind. I see myself growing up in front of my eye.

I love my family a lot. I care about them; I never thought that one day I have to leave this house although since the day I got my senses I have been told that you are not ours, you have to leave but still I thought this is my family. Now all of a sudden it has become very difficult for me and for my family to separate.

But I don’t think my family is that sad, because they separated me from themselves the day they came to know that I was in womb of my mom. Yes, I am not born yet. I so wanted to come to this world as my younger brother did. I wanted to grow old in the courtyard I talked about. I wanted to marry someone.

I also wanted to become the reason behind smile of my mom, reason for my dad to be proud of. I also wanted to cuddle my dadi. Did I ask for too much? I promise I would have given something in return if you let me do that. And I promise you will be attached to me and the day I’ll leave your home you would not want me to go. Then what happened today how you can let go me like this.

 Mom I know u keep thing away that may scare me so why don’t you tell these people to keep away the light which is scaring me when I have not even opened my eyes. Dad I know when I’ll come to this world you’ll protect me from all the pain, then what happened to you now. Can’t you see how much pain I am in.

Doctors are using knife on me, dad they are scooping me out, please save me dad I am your princess. People over here say it was your decision dadi but I dint believe them I know I am your eye candy and you can’t do this to me. I know you love me more then banty because of our cool granny daughter’s talk. So why don’t you stop them, I want to come to our home and were the sweater you knitted for me.

I don’t know who is stopping me to come to this world. If you people figure it out then please let me know I would make him understand how much my family loves me and how much they want me to be with them.

P.S. Your daughter (From womb)