Once upon a time there lived four cows in a small village. They were called Eagy, Chity, Voly and Tory.

All of them lived in the shed of Mr. Yeti. He used to bring fresh hay for them daily from his nearby farms from far down the road of the village. He loved Tory  very much.

He often gave Tory more hay to eat and more water to drink. The other cows were usually jealous of Tory and wanted to teach her a lesson some day.

Eagy was the most clever cow of the lot. She was a brown coloured cow with a beautiful white patch near her nose. She was very proud of her beauty and wanted the other animals of the shed to keep on praising about her.

Shiy, the hen hated Eagy very much. Eagy used to break her eggs every now and then. Shiy would then find a safe place near Tory's place for her eggs. Tory would never fail in guarding Shiy's eggs like her own children. 

Blacky, the cat was Eagy's best friend. He would often help her in creating all the mischief in the shed. Mr. Yeti was tired of looking after Blacky as he would often steal milk from the kitchen. 

Chity was the happy go lucky cow in the whole shed. She was least cared about whatever happened around her. The hay and water that arrived at the correct time for her was all that she wanted. She didn't care about making friends too. The puddles in which she jumped into and got herself dirty mattered the least to her. She was the funniest animal of the whole barn. 

Voly was a different kind of cow. She was  a pure white coloured cow and liked to be very secretive about her thoughts and problems. She also didn't like Tory but never confessed that it was Tory because of whom she would never get hay to eat. Voly  always wanted to be the celebrity. But Tory was hundreds of steps ahead of her. Voly was very frustrated with Tory. She wanted to get rid of her but didn't say anything that could make her responsible for Tory's eradication from the barn. Moreover, Voly was also the eldest cow.

One day, a heated debate had grown up among all the animals in the barn that who was the leader of their barn because they had to make their leader wear the wooden crown they had got from the nearby farm on their last Christmas.

All the animals had to choose a leader from the existing barn. Shiy decided to conduct a series of competitions to choose a leader. She made a list. It had competitions like races, situational crisis events and other funny competitions too. In the race, on the final day, Tory had won the race. She had completed her round of running around the barn in a matter of few minutes only. Each animal at the barn was cheering for her. Yet, she remained calm and composed of the victory she had achieved. Then after the races had finished, the situational events also kept on going in which again Tory had won. Voly, Eagy and Chity were very jealous of her. It was the final competition round in which Shiy had kept four different tubs of water for them. They had to drink the water as soon as possible and shout out the word 'Hurray' at the end. Whoever did that has won. It seemed like a very easy challenge for them all. 

When Shiy blew the whistle for them to drink the water kept in the tubs, they had to run towards it and drink all the water. All of them, Eagy, Chity, Tory and Voly ran towards the tubs. Each of them started gulping gallons of water except Tory who just stood there near her tub. She stood near her tub silently as if waiting for something. Nearly fifteen minutes had passed by when Tory had finally started drinking water from her tub. All others were finished with their drinking of water but were unable to yell. The muddy water had choked them to death. Eagy, Voly and Chity were lying on the ground panting continuously. Tory soon finished with her job of drinking water and shouted out with joy. She had waited patiently for the mud in the water to settle down. The word 'Hurray' was echoing in the barn.

At last she was chosen as the leader of the barn. She knew that haste would always lead to waste.

Patience was the first value that was needed to become a good leader. Shiy placed the beautiful wooden crown on Tory's head and all the animals at the barn were happy. Eagy, Voly and Chity were taken care of and they learnt a lot from Tory. Indeed, Tory was the best animal at the barn. Mr. Yeti didn't ever have any problems from then onwards. Tory was there for him always.