This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 50: A Secret Diary

Date: 25th July 2012, Tuesday

Place: Pazhamathur and Chennai


(Dates in the Diary of Muthuraman varies, as the events occur before the date of 25/07/2012)
From that day onwards, I was joining him in every theft he made. Later I discovered that He was not alone.

The major share of the stolen amount, he handed over to a guy named by day I got introduced to Farooq also.


Then after some more days, I discovered that Sirish and Farooq had another Boss.

His Name was Rawat.Sirish introduced me to Rawat also one day.

I realized that it was a big network then only. They did it everything in a planned manner.

The robots got supplied by somebody else. That got known by Rawat only.

Our Game got disturbed by the team of Pugazhendhi and Kannan.

They interrupted our whole process.


Farooq and Viswanath were partners in a business.
When the police discovered us, Farooq and Viswanath tried to escape to Tiruvannamalai.

On their way, Rawat called Viswanath and instructed him to kill Farooq.

Viswanath Killed Farooq using the monkey robot. They left the knife in his body.

Viswanath returned to Chennai after killing Farooq.

The Police never knew that Viswanath was in our circle. So their doubt was on Sirish and Rawat.

I was with Sirish Kumar during these events.

Later Sirish Kumar introduced me to Viswanath.

While Solomon got dead, I and Sirish Kumar were at a distance of 1 km from our Ramapuram house.

We operated the monkey robot and killed Solomon using a grenade.

Since Sirish Kumar’s house got discovered by the police, we operated from Rawat’s house after that.


During those days, I got closer to Rawat. Rawat and Viswanath also became very close.


The discovery of Farooq’s house by Pugazhendhi became a big trouble to Rawat.

Because a major part of the looted amount got stored in the underground room of Farooq’s house.
I did not know why they were attacking the food materials in the hotels.

Rawat did not tell anyone of us the reason for that. It got known by him only. May be he could have some business partner, who wanted the downfall of those hotel owners.

When Pugazhendhi identified the money in Farooq’s house, we were all watching it from Rawat’s house.

At that time, Rawat and Sirish got into a hot argument.

In that argument, Rawat shot Sirish Kumar. I and Viswanath were not able to control him.

Later Rawat saw that the police were approaching his house. Rawat asked us to run away from the house.

I and Viswanath immediately ran out of the house and escaped through a car.

Rawat used Sirish Kumar’s blood all over his body and created a dummy bullet wound in his own body.
Rawat placed a bomb in Sirish Kumar’s body.

When the police discovered Rawat and Sirish Kumar, they ran off from the place and waited outside.

In that small gap of time, Rawat used an underground vent in his house to escape.
After exiting his house, he bombed the house.
So, when the police ran forward, Rawat got up and escaped through the backyard.

Since the house got burnt into ashes, they were not able to discover two bodies.
Sirish Kumar’s dead body got torn into many pieces and got burnt.

So the police declared that both of them were dead.
But from then on again Rawat took control of the Business thieves.
He was again controlling me and Viswanath.

Both of us had no other option, we co-operated with him. I don’t know about Viswanath.

But, I came to this path by mistake. So I am writing this diary. I want to share my thoughts with somebody in this world. But I have nobody whom I can trust. So, I am writing this diary.



“The police gave us a name as Business thieves, which means stealing others business.

I have become a member of those guys, whom the Police call as Business Thieves. I like this name, I get good money here, and I get good women here, yes! Yes! I am a Business Thief!”


Pugazhendhi completed reading the diary.

He got clear that who was still operating the Business thieves.

It was Rawat.


The same Rawat, whom they thought to be dead.

It was 8 O clock in the night when Pugazhendhi completed reading the diary.


Pugazhendhi thanked the dead Muthuraman for writing such a secret diary.

Pugazhendhi said,”Oh! My God, the God has saved me at last”
(To be continued)