This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 49: An Ultimate Thief

Date: 25th July 2012, Tuesday

Place: Pazhamathur and Chennai


(Dates in the Diary of Muthuraman varies, as the events occur before the date of 25/07/2012)
I slept in his house on that night, since I had no other option.

“2nd January 2012”


I woke up at 7 O clock in the morning. Sirish Kumar was still sleeping in the bed. I took a bag and kept the 2 Crore rupees in it. I thought of paying the money to the textile shop owner. Since I had taken advance from him, I need to settle it. But, the fact was that I need to the textile shop owner Rs.1 Crore only.


Because he paid me an advance of Rs.1 Crore. My Vendor offered me the full stock at a price of Rs.1.5 Crore. Hence my profit was Rs. 50 lakhs in that full deal. Now I had to return the Rs.1 Crore to the textile shop owner. For the vendor, I need to pay Rs. 50 lakhs. So, when I calculated, I got a balance of Rs.50 lakhs in my hand. I did not want Sirish to know that fact. I thought of keeping the balance money for myself. So, I thought of not telling it to Sirish Kumar.


I woke him up by shaking his shoulders.

He woke up and asked, “What is the matter, sir?”


I said, “I need to go now”

He said,”Ok sir, come tonight also, we may have another job”


I said,”Ok “

After that, I came out of his house with the bag of money.


I got into my car and went to my house in chrome pet.

From there, I called the textile shop owner and informed him that, I will settle the advance amount.


He asked me for the reason. I said that there was some unavoidable problem.

He sent his person to collect the cash from me.


I gave the cash to him, by confirming his identity with the textile shop owner through the telephone.

My problem got solved within 12 O clock on that day.


I took my mobile and called to Sirish Kumar.

Sirish Kumar answered the call, “Hello sir”


I said, “Sirish, My problem got solved”

Sirish Kumar said, “Great sir, enjoy the day”


I said, “I must thank you only”

Sirish Kumar said, “No problem sir, do you know where I am?”


I asked, “Where are you?”

Sirish Kumar said, “I am in Sahana’s house”


I exclaimed, “What? What are you doing there?”

Sirish Kumar said, “I was sharing bed with her”


I astonished,”Oh! My god”

Sirish Kumar laughed,”Ha! Ha! Ha!”


I asked, “Is she near you?”

Sirish Kumar said, “No she has gone to prepare tea for me”


I asked, “How did you do that man?”

Sirish Kumar said, “morning after you left, I came here. I asked her rate for a day”


I said,”Oh! My god”

Sirish Kumar said, “And I finalized for 3 Lakhs”


I asked, “Is she aware of the theft?”

Sirish Kumar said, “Yes, morning when I came, She was very tensed and shouting at her maid”


I said,”Oho”

Sirish Kumar said, “But, after my negotiation session, she came with me. I can feel a tension in her mind”


I said, “You are an ultimate thief”

Sirish Kumar said, “Thank you, sir”


I said, “You stole her, and you are sharing her bed. Then you are going to pay her using her own money”

Sirish Kumar said, “Life is a cycle sir”


I said, “What a Philosophy”

Sirish Kumar said,”Ok, she is coming, I will catch you later”


I said,”Ok bye”

The phone call got disconnected.
(To be continued)