This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 51: A Great Achievement

Date: 25th July 2012, Tuesday

Place: Pazhamathur


Pugazhendhi went to the kitchen to prepare food for him.

He prepared rice upma for his dinner.


He finished his dinner at 9 O clock.

He came to his bedroom.


He took his mobile phone and saw.

There were 10 missed calls from Prabhu.


Then only he realized that he kept the phone in silent mode before starting to read the diary.

He called back to Prabhu.


Prabhu answered the call,” what man? Why did you not pick the call?”

Pugazhendhi said, “I was in an important job, where are you?”


Prabhu said, “Today I came to Chennai”

Pugazhendhi said,”Oh that is why you did not come here”


Prabhu said, “Yes”

Pugazhendhi asked, “Anything special?”


Prabhu said,”mmm…nothing, what about the position there?”

Pugazhendhi said, “the case is almost solved, but the villains are not dead completely”


Prabhu asked, “Why?”

Pugazhendhi said, “If I am correct, we have destroyed 80% of the team of business thieves”


Prabhu asked, “What about the balance 20%?”

Pugazhendhi said, “I don’t know, but if we leave them, they will grow again”


Prabhu said,”Hmmm…you said something about a vehicle number today morning”

Pugazhendhi said, “Yes, a photographer helped me to find out the owner of the vehicle”


Prabhu asked, “What? A photographer? How?”

Pugazhendhi said, “That guy stationed his camera near udayambakkam to film snakes”


Prabhu said,”ok”

Pugazhendhi said, “but, he got captured the tempo of the business thieves”


Prabhu said, “You mean to say that, he stationed the camera during day and night”

Pugazhendhi said, “Yes, it was an automatic camera”


Prabhu said,”ok”

Pugazhendhi said, “Then, he has watched the output throughout the night”


Prabhu said,”ok”

Pugazhendhi said, “On seeing the fire in the car shed, he got doubt about the incident”


Prabhu said,”Ok, great”

Pugazhendhi said, “So, he came straight away to my office”


Prabhu said, “Excellent”

Pugazhendhi said, “in that video, the registration number of the tempo was very clear”


Prabhu said, “My goodness”

Pugazhendhi said, “After his visit, we immediately got the special team with Kannan”


Prabhu said,”Oh!”

Pugazhendhi said, “So, we made a direct hit”


Prabhu asked, “What happened next?”

Pugazhendhi said, “Many of the special team officers were dead”


Prabhu said,”oh! I see”

Pugazhendhi said, “The guy’s name was Muthuraman”


Prabhu said,”oh”

Pugazhendhi said, “When we enquired him, he spoke out viswanath’s name”


Prabhu said,”mmm”

Pugazhendhi said, “Then we kept security guards at Muthuraman’s house”


Pugazhendhi added, “And then we went to viswanath’s hide out”

Prabhu said,”ok”


Pugazhendhi said,” There the special team and the robots had a tough fight”

Prabhu said,”mmm…ok”


Pugazhendhi said, “At that time a bomb explosion happened”

Prabhu exclaimed,”Oh! My god”


Pugazhendhi said, “Our officers got killed in that operation”

Prabhu said,”mm…So sad”


Pugazhendhi said, “I and Kannan then jumped into the warehouse campus”

Prabhu said,”oh! You took risk”


Pugazhendhi said,”mmm…yes”

Prabhu said,”oh!”


Pugazhendhi said, “But, this Viswanath has initiated some kind of self-destruction bomb”

Prabhu said, “Son of hell”


Pugazhendhi said, “Yes, he is a son of the hell”

Prabhu asked, “Then what happened?”


Pugazhendhi said, “Then we ran out of the campus”

“When we came back to check in Muthuraman’s house, we found him and the guards dead”, said Pugazhendhi.


Prabhu said,”oh! Who could have done that?”

Pugazhendhi said,”Rawat’s group”


Prabhu asked,”Rawat is already dead right?”

Pugazhendhi said, “No, I have a strong evidence that he is alive”


Prabhu said,”Oh! My god”

Pugazhendhi said, “But at this stage, I don’t want to tell you about the evidence”


Prabhu asked, “Do you suspect me?”

Pugazhendhi said, “No, I want to maintain silence about it”


Prabhu said, “Then as you wish”

Pugazhendhi said, “Sorry man”


Prabhu asked, “No problem, ok then do you need my presence there in this week?”

Pugazhendhi said, “You are not required now”


Prabhu said,”Ok! Take care”

Pugazhendhi said, “If required, I will tell you”


Prabhu said,’mmm…ok”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok, I am getting sleep now”


Prabhu said,”Ok good night, bye”

Pugazhendhi said, “Bye”


The phone call got disconnected. Pugazhendhi fell on his bed to sleep. This time, his mind was very clear. He was not having any confusions. He felt like he did a great achievement.

But many of his colleagues don’t know what kind of achievement he has done.


He did not want them to know.

The only dissatisfaction which he had was that “Rawat is still alive”


(Conclusion of “I am a Business Thief” series)