This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 48: A Small matter

Date: 25th July 2012, Tuesday

Place: Pazhamathur and Chennai


(Dates in the Diary of Muthuraman varies, as the events occur before the date of 25/07/2012)


Sirish Kumar operated the robot by sitting inside the car. I wondered whether that was some kind of magic.

He was even able to see the locations, where the robot was moving. Since there was a camera

Fixed in the robot, it was showing its locations on his screen.

He accessed the bedroom of Sahana. Sahana was sleeping in her bed. The robot scanned the room.


There was a bunch of keys lying on a table near her bed. He made the robot to pick that bunch of keys. He made the robot to come out of her room.

The robot again searched for the bureau. It was in another bedroom. The robot went and inserted the keys into the bureau’s keyhole.


The robot opened the bureau.

The bureau was full of money.


Sirish made the robot to scan the room for the availability of any bags.

Yes, it found a bag. Sirish made the robot to pick the bag and keep it before the bureau.


Sirish made the robot to pull out all the money and place it in that bag.

It took 20 minutes for the robot to fill the bag with that money.


After that, the robot closed the door.

Sirish made the robot to lock the bureau.


After that, he made the robot to keep the keys back in the same table of Sahana’s bedroom.

The robot came back and lifted the bag of money.


I was watching all these through Sirish’s remote control laptop.

After three minutes the robot came to our car.


When it reached near the car, Sirish converted it back to cube form.

It dropped the bag and came inside the car.


Sirish got down from the car and lifted the bag full of money.

He placed the bag inside the car.


I was not able to believe that, the theft was almost over.

He waited in silence for two minutes.


Then he started the car and left the place.

After half an hour we were in Ramapuram.

We entered his house.


He locked the door from inside.

I said, “You, crazy fellow, you have done as you said”


Sirish Kumar said, “This is a small matter for me”

I exclaimed, “What? Is this a small matter for you?”


Sirish Kumar said, “Yes”

Sirish Kumar opened the bag and started to count the money.


After half an hour, he separated Rs.2 Crore from the full money.

He gave the Rs.2 Crore to me.


I said, “No! No! I don’t want”

Sirish asked, “What is this sir, you said ok to me first, but now you are backing off?”


I said, “this is a stolen money, do you know how painful will it be for that Sahana?”

Sirish said, “She is a pimp and a prostitute sir”


I asked, “So what?”

Sirish Kumar said, “That means, she has cheated many people and earned this money”


I said, “So, you say that we can steal her”

Sirish Kumar said,” She cannot give a case for this”


I exclaimed, “Oh! I didn’t think from that point of view”

Sirish Kumar said, “Sir, we steal only those people who cheat the society”


He gave the money to me.

I was not sure whether to accept the money or not, but I accepted it.
(To be continued)