This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 47: Pure Silence

Date: 25th July 2012, Tuesday

Place: Pazhamathur and Chennai


(Dates in the Diary of Muthuraman varies, as the events occur before the date of 25/07/2012)


I thought that he was a child playing with some kind of toy. At that time, he received a phone call. He attended the call.


Sirish Kumar said, “Hello Farooq sir”

Farooq said, “Hello Sirish”


Sirish Kumar asked, “Where is my today’s assignment?”

Farooq said, “Your today’s assignment will be in Triplicane”


Sirish Kumar asked, “Where is the target?”

Farooq said, “The target is Sahana”


Sirish Kumar asked, “Who is Sahana?”

Farooq said, “She is a high-class prostitute and a pimp”


Sirish Kumar asked, “Why are we targeting her?”

Farooq said, “My sources reveal that she is at present having Rs. 5 Crore in her house locker”


Sirish Kumar asked, “Where will be the keys?”

Farooq said, “She and the keys are in the same house”


Sirish Kumar asked, “What is our advantage on today’s attack?”

Farooq said, “Today she is alone, her partners are out of station”


Sirish Kumar said,”ok, message me her address”

Farooq said,”Ok”


The phone call got disconnected.

I asked, “What were you talking about?”


Sirish Kumar said, “Nothing sir, it is our business”

I said, “It looked like you were telling about Rs. 5 crores”


Sirish Kumar said,”hmm…yes”

I asked, “And something like an attack”


Sirish Kumar said, “Yes, that is our business”

I exclaimed, “You mean theft?”


Sirish Kumar said, “Yes sir”

I shouted, “I won’t co-operate for that”


Sirish Kumar said, “tomorrow morning I will give you Rs.2 crores”

His offer made me think.


I asked, “Are you sure, will you give me?”

Sirish Kumar said, “Come with me this one night, and tomorrow morning I will give you the money”


The desire for money made me say “yes” to his offer.

I said,”Ok, tell me what I should do?”


Sirish Kumar said, “You come as a driver to my car, rest of the things I will take care”

I said,”Ok”


Sirish Kumar said,”Ok, we will start from here at 11 O clock”

I said,”Ok”


We waited till 11 O clock in the night. Then he converted the robot back into a small cube. Both of us got up from our seat and went out of the house. I left my car in the house. Both of us got into his BMW car. I took charge of the wheels. I drove the car to Triplicane. After reaching Triplicane, he guided me with the address which he had got on his mobile phone.


We reached a street which was very dark and no people were on the street. He asked me to stop the car. I stopped the car. He asked me to switch off all the lights of the car. I did so. He asked me to observe silence for a few minutes. In that night, we both of us observed silence.

After 10 minutes, he lowered the glasses of the window next to him. He operated the control device of the robot.


The cube started from the car and flew outside. He directed it into the house nearby.

I thought that it was the house of that Sahana, whom they were talking about.

Everything was happening in pure silence.


My heart was beating very fast at that time. I did not believe that I was assisting a theft.
(To be continued)