This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 46: The Power to Get

Date: 25th July 2012, Tuesday

Place: Pazhamathur and Chennai


(Dates in the Diary of Muthuraman varies, as the events occur before the date of 25/07/2012)


I asked, “I don’t know who you are, then why should I come to your home?”

Sirish Kumar said, “You will get money in crores”


I exclaimed, “What?”

Sirish Kumar said, “Tomorrow morning, I will settle your losses”


I said, “How is it possible man?”

Sirish Kumar said, “That is why I ask you to come to my home”


I asked, “Where is your home?”

Sirish Kumar said, “My house is in Ramapuram”


I said,”Ok, I will come with you, but if you try to fool me, I will not bear it”

Sirish Kumar said, “Sir, please trust me, you will get good benefits”


I said,”Ok”

After paying the bill we came out of the Bar.


Sirish Kumar had a BMW car parked in the parking lot. On seeing the BMW car only, I believed that he was worth for crores.

Sirish Kumar said, “Sir, please follow my car to Ramapuram”


I said,”Ok, I will”


He got inside his car and started the car. I followed him using my car. We reached his house at 9 O clock in the night. The house was a bungalow type house. He was staying alone in that house. Both of us entered the house. He closed the house from inside. He asked me to sit on the sofa in the Hall which was on the ground floor.

I sat in the place where he pointed at. He went to the first floor and got refreshed and came down after 15 minutes.


I asked, “Please tell me now, what is your business?”

Sirish Kumar said, “Please wait sir”


He went inside a room in the ground floor and came back with a hand held small laptop.


I asked, “What is it?”

Sirish Kumar said, “This is a control device”


I asked, “What kind of control device?”

Sirish Kumar said, “It can control a robotic device”


I got eager on that matter.

I asked him, “Please explain me more on this?”

Sirish Kumar said, “See now I am going to operate a robot”


Saying so, he pressed some of the buttons in his remote control laptop. A small flying object came from the first floor to the ground floor. I got astonished on seeing the flying object. It was a cube shaped object and very small in size. He was able to see its position on his screen. He again did give some commands using his keypad. The object got converted into a monkey shaped robot. He then gave some commands in his control device. The monkey robot started to move around and do many activities according to his commands.


I asked, “What is this Sirish?”

Sirish Kumar said, “Sir, this is an advanced model robot”


I asked, “How come you are having this in your house?”

Sirish Kumar said, “That is my business secret”


I asked, “In this city, I can’t even imagine such a kind of advancement”

Sirish Kumar said, “If you explore, you can get what you want”


I said, “You seem to be a very young guy, but how are you able to have this much rich properties”

Sirish Kumar said, “I have all the power to get them”


(To be continued)