So, let me reintroduce Naina to you. As you have come along with me to such a Long journey, this is really going to  be awesome till the end. Naina already had two daughters. It was the third time she was expecting a baby. This was the last warning of her mother-in-law And she warned her to have a boy this time else she’ll have to be separated from her husband.

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Naina was really scared. She didn’t have a single idea of what to do next. She told about this to Her parents. They reacted as usual. They asked her to leave it to her destiny this time. She wondered how she could control and get to know if he was a boy or she was a girl.

She was very disturbed. Then she had no choice but to leave it to the destiny in Order to know she is going to give birth to whom. She followed every rituals, went to saints who Claimed to fulfill her wish but made fool of her and even worshipped God by her heart and soul to Give birth to a boy. Nine months seemed to be nine years to her. But time passes and hence that Long period of time also passed. It was the time when she was left all alone. Neither her husband Nor anyone from the in-laws came along with her. She finally gave birth to a boy. That day she

realized that she was only hired by her in-laws and husband for their son or someone to carry On their family’s name in future. A woman has to give birth to a boy only and she is left with no choice except this. To a woman, success is believed to be when she gives birth to a boy.  She must give birth to only a boy and that is her biggest achievement in life.

Naina was happy that she will be accepted by her in-laws this time. She won’t face the World alone now. Her mother in law named him Anil. There was none in her in-laws accept her  mother in law she loved and respected her a lot in spite of the fact that she disrespected her whenever she came across her. Her husband was the owner of a cottage industry. After Anil’s birth, his granny’s health started deteriorating so she was hospitalized. Naina was really sad to  know that. She worshipped to God for her wellness.

She was recovering slowly. A week passed and Naina had gone to the hospital to Meet her. After meeting her, she realized how nice she was from the inside as she had been  thinking. Her mother in-law hadn’t shown her soft side to Naina ever. And she was glad to know that. She cried holding her and asked to forgive her for whatever she did. Nobody could control Tears on at that’s right. Naina was very happy to see her mother in law that way. She was right in  her mind while thinking of her. Few moments were spent in that atmosphere that something really

unimaginable happened. Sumit’s mom who was recovering at the hospital suffered from heart  attack. Urgently, everyone was sent out of the ward and taken to emergency ward, an I.C.U. for treatment. The doctors  worked but couldn’t save her. That was a grief for the whole family.  Someone elder and the only one who took care of them had just passed away. Naina and Sumit  lost someone they couldn’t imagine. They hugged each other and cried for their loss. That was the  day she saw Sumit crying. She realized the need of the hour. She consoled her husband not to  cry and be strong in such a situation where a person’s control on emotion is needed. Now he was  the only one the family was relying. He had to look up on her daughters and son. And before all that, the rituals had to be performed after her mother’s death. He realized that and worked  towards it.

Then everything was going smoothly. Sumit started drinking again. He came drunk  home daily. Naina was really disappointed by this. She could make out the effects of this habit on  her family. After few months, she realized the reason of this habit. The reason was disturbance in  his business. He couldn’t arrange money that was taken by him as debt. Many people came to his  house to get back that money and thus she realized this. She asked her husband to think of the  ways and arrange money for giving them back.  He slapped her hard and asked her to stay silent  in his matters. She cried a lot. She couldn’t think of anything else than staying quiet. She asked for  her parent’s help but they couldn’t help her. They didn’t have enough money. Sumit didn’t do  anything except drinking and coming back to his home. Naina felt sad seeing his condition. She  couldn’t even share how she felt about that. Nobody was there to listen to her and that made her  more  sad than she was. So here comes one more norm by the society for woman. And that is  regarding her views. She has to listen to whatever come across her. She cannot miss out anything  and has to remain quite as often as she came in the male dominated Society.

She was very stressed out. Then, her phone rang and the person on the other Side was an unknown person. She was feeling a bit disturbed as if something bad has happened. The man on the other side asked her to reach to the city hospital as soon as she could. She felt Helpless at that moment. There was none to console her right then and make her feel  a little light. She left her children to the neighbour living near her. She took an auto rickshaw and went to the hospital. That was the moment she saw her husband lying on a stretcher and a man  accompanying him. He was the man talking to her on the phone. She couldn’t control herself after seeing that scenario. That man told her that Sumit was lying outside his industry at night When all the workers had left. May be he was about to leave for home but I couldn’t make out  because he collapsed due to some health issue that was yet to be diagnosed.

Naina paid money  to the counter and got his husband admitted to be diagnosed. Then Sumit was taken to the ICU as the condition was really critical.  She called her parents for the help. Her  parents arrived at the  hospital to help her out when she needed it the most. They came with some money and gave  them to her so that she could use it for diagnosis and treatment of her husband. The reports came  after 24 hours. The  Doctors after observing the report told  Naina and her family that Sumit was  suffering from a liver disorder  in which his liver was totally damaged due to drinking alcohol.  There was no chance to save him. Even  his kidneys were also damaged. Naina came back home to take a look at her children. As she reached hospital back, Sumit was no more. Naina couldn’t trust the doctors who said so. She was supported by her father but they didn’t have enough  money. The rituals after his death was done. She couldn’t believe of  continuing her life all alone.

But she knew life is all about  trouble traveling struggling and passing through all the hardships that  good want us to go through. Life always gives us a lesson to move were even if you don’t want to.  Naina had to continue all alone for her children. The people returned back to get their money.  Naina was left with nothing except that big house and industry. She sold everything to give The money back to the people. She returned that. At least that burden of people who came to her  house and abused her husband was no more. She started working as a maid in a rich man’s  home. They had a big family. He gave her  a room to live in his house because she didn’t  have  enough money to pay as rent. In this way, her life was going in sadness but she was passing each Day with a fake smile on her face for her children who had only her as their life support in such a Big world.