This story is an ode to human and dog relationship where a dog plays the role of a perfect companion to a pregnant woman.


Pets make excellent birthing companions. Not only do they help us reconnect with our animal natures, they are loving, forgiving, comforting, trusting, patient, humble and loyal. They have all the qualities you could ever want in a labor companion. And the best of all, they offer their services free of charge. There are countless benefits of having pets.

If you have a pet around when you become pregnant, you probably won’t want to get rid of them

because of the bond you share with them as you share with other human. Having the freedom to labor with our furry friends by our sides is just one more reason to give birth at home.

The tale is about a young pregnant woman and her husband who rescued a dog and the woman also gave birth to a baby , all with the help of her dog who was always there whenever she felt low or was going through the complications of pregnancy.

The woman, Sia Rome had a Deen dog, named Lia who was very great when she was pregnant. She
would come up and poke her in the belly and give the sweetest smile and look. Whenever she would
come home from work or would go outside for a walk; she was always there with her. She would guard
her like a bodyguard and sometimes, also bark at other dogs to ensure that no one came near to her and
hurt her. During contractions, Lia would be by her side as if she knew the pain through which her owner
was going through and thus, gave an understanding look. Maybe it was because she had had 13 pups
about a year ago.

Then came the morning when Sia had to go off for delivery, but the lil dog was not letting her go. She was nudging her to the bedroom as if she wanted Sia to give birth at home only but poor Sia could not understand this at that time. Lia accompanied Sia straight to the hospital. She sat on her belly during the labor. She sat up there for quite some time, waiting for something to happen perhaps. It was great to have her companion, especially for the brief periods when her husband was asleep.


She was also her best with the baby.


Late on, after 4 years when their son grew older; she was again 2 months pregnant with her second

child. At that time, Sia and her husband rescued a two-month old puppy through Humane Society. They named her Cleo and again, along with Lia; she was one of the lights of her family’s life.

Cleo was pretty clueless throughout Sia’s pregnancy of what was going on and deeply appreciative of those times when she would work from home. Sia was put on bed rest due to pre-term labor at 29
weeks and her doggies girls were ecstatic. As labor approached and during her three weeks of
prodormal labor, both the doggies became more and more solicitous and would snuggle with her if they felt she was having a difficult time. When Sia went into active labor, Cleo came first and snuggled with her and kissed her through the dark hours of labor. While she was waiting for her husband’s ship to send him back to shore. While Sia’s doula slept on, the cute lil girl’s warm presence at the side, at feet and on shoulders helped make those long night hours so easy.

Both the doggies were their level best with the two babies in the house.