Based on true incidents.


Have you ever taken someone for granted? If I ask you a simple question that how many people would stay with you till the end of your time, would you able to answer? What if the answer you gave right not would change the other day? What if the person you love incredibly leaves you today without even saying goodbye? Will you be broken? Or will you put your entire potential to walk up to that person’s expectations whom you loved the most?

Most of our days go ordinary. We wake up, get ready for our respective work areas or institutes, come back, eat and sleep. At times we gift ourselves with small outings, party with friends, sleepovers etc. But as they say it takes one single second to flip our world to the other side.

I often think about my life which is in whole not my own, by this I mean there are so many people connected with me that I have become a necessity in many people’s lives. I get nervous and scared even when I don’t see one of my close ones, be it my best friends, my family or even my classmates. But then again I’ll remark “one storm can destroy the entire forest.”

I have seen people leave my life more than once but they always return. But when it comes to people leaving me forever gives me Goosebumps. This simple thought of my people leaving me brings tears in my eyes. And this is what happened with me recently. I have a very bad habit of connecting with people’s emotions very easily and that is how I ended up getting connected with this boy whom I never met or talked but somehow I could feel his pain, I can still feel his pain. I know how much courage he must have gathered to stay strong in this situation.

His day started as normal as his every day. He woke up, got ready for his classes and started to go out of the house. He had this routine that he followed every day.

He would touch his mother’s feet before going out of the house every day. Even this time he couldn’t forget this simple thing. He touched and hugged his mother. There was an unusual thing that he felt this time. He didn’t want to leave. His heartbeat was going faster and he had no idea why. Seeing this, his mother told him in a gentle way that maybe he is nervous for his exam that is why he’s feeling this way. He believed so and walked out of the house.

The unusual feeling continued haunting him the whole day. Even after reaching the school, things just won’t come at peace. He took a deep breath and began his exam. Three hours of silence and finally a sigh of relief. He checked his phone. 43 missed calls. He wondered what had happened. His friends, his family almost everyone had their numbers on his phone’s screen.

He called back, no response. He rushed to his house. A number of cars were parked outside his house. He got anxious, nervous and scared. Something was wrong, he could sense it but he prayed it shouldn’t be what he was thinking about. And then the disaster stroke. There she was, his mother right in front of him. As usual waiting for her when he returned from school, the only difference today was she was lying on the floor with a white cloth over her. He froze. He closed his eyes for a while, “this isn’t true” his heart screamed million times but only he could hear it. He was silent but his eyes could easily portray his pain. Tears were flowing out and words were frozen. Gathering all his courage and wiping off his tears he stood up. Why should he cry? His mother had taught him to stay strong at all times. But he needed to know how this happened. And he asked, “dad how?”

This happened in one of the most random way son. She was all good and looked just fine to me. She walked down the stairs, ate lunch with me and then she had a silent heart attack. I never saw it coming. Next I knew was she lied on the ground and I was clueless what to do. Within no second she stopped breathing and I called the 911. They came and the doctor said she was already dead. From a healthy morning to a scariest afternoon, our whole world changed.

Tears won’t stop coming from his eyes. He looked in the sky, full with so many questions in his mind as to why this happened with him.

He couldn’t resist asking god all these questions. This shouldn’t be happening with him. He loved his mother so much. How could anyone snatch her from him? His whole world was centralized in her. This wasn’t happening with him. The morning scene was coming in front of his eyes again and again. He regretted going out that day. He knew his instincts were not wrong. He knew something bad was about to happen but then the worst had already been done. He had no idea of what to do now. It was time to complete the rituals now. He had to stay strong at this moment of time he thought.

His mother had already left him alone. How could he show to the outer world that he wasn’t strong for only his mother always knew what a delicate heart he was. He could not get rid of his mother’s thought even for one second. His world had become empty. His mother’s thought encircled his mind all the time.

How he always touched her feet before going out. How he slept on her lap while he felt lonely and scared. How her mother would fight for him from the whole world when he was wrong but would slap him tight when he reached home. How she was always there with him in his ups and lows. How she would cook her favorite food all the seven days a week. How she welcomed his friends with all her heart and teased him along with them. How she protected him from every emotion. How he couldn’t end his day without telling her everything. How she had been his best friend since all these years.

Everything was shattered for him. His soul had broken from inside. There was nothing that he wanted more than his mother right now but he stayed strong even then. He kept silent for days but he never let anyone knew how sad he was from inside. Though his swollen eyes could tell everything but he wore a smile whenever someone came to visit him. He didn’t wanted sympathy from anyone, not even his friends.

He had never ever imagined his life without his mother and now he had to live up with this fact that there will be no one watching for his back, there would be no one to guide him through. There would no one to wipe his tears and so he cried alone locking his room for hours so that only once his mother would come to wipe off his tears. But that wasn’t going to happen.

He didn’t lose all his hope. With months of his swollen eyes he realized this one thing that anything is possible in life. Life is the most unfair thing that has ever happened to humans. So instead of pondering over materialistic things, it was best if one focuses on people around them for no wonder when one soul would leave your life and enter another dimension without even giving you a warning.

All you could sense at that moment is a “Heartache”. A heartache with no medicine to cure but one “Time.”

Life isn’t really a predictable thing to live with. You will have to face low tides, you will have to stand up against the high ones but all you need to remember is “you live in only one dimension, maybe there is someone out for you in some other dimension watching you to live what we call LIFE”. Stay strong for the ones whom you love, stay happy for the ones who love you, for this life is only in this dimension, maybe someone might live in another seeing your smile in your life.