We know a proverb saying that,”Man Proposes , God Disposes”. But here in the story a good mind gives a proposal and a bad mind disposes it. Let’s see how.


Chapter 1: The Business Call

Bogasridhar was the Managing director of Crack Consulting services private limited. Bogasridhar was a jolly minded person; he used to enjoy his work.

He had many juniors working under him. Daily he would give assignments to them. Their company was providing solutions to various types of business bottlenecks.

It was a Monday morning 11 O clock.

Bogasridhar was in his room, checking for his emails on his personal computer.

His phone rang and he picked the call.

Bogasridhar answered,” Hello”

The other end said,”Hello Sridhar, this is Sadhvesh from Angerpoint Consultancy”

Bogasridhar said,”Yes Sadhvesh, How are you?”

Sadhvesh said,”I am fine, How are you?”

Bogasridhar said,” I am also fine”

Sadhvesh said,” I need a guy for an assignment”

Bogasridhar asked,”What kind of assignment?”

Sadhvesh said,”We have a dump of valuation documents, for which  audit process is pending”

Bogasridhar said,”Oh , you mean Property valuation documents?”

Sadhvesh said ,”Yes man..you give us one guy for one or two weeks, we will pay for the services to your company”

Bogasridhar said ,”I have good guys trained doing audit of property valuation documents”

Sadhvesh said,”whom will you nominate now?”

Bogasridhar said,”I will send Mr.Verunkanth”

Sadhvesh said,”Mr.Verunkanth, oh the name is somewhat different”

Bogasridhar said,” The guy is also different”

Sadhvesh said,”Oh I see, when are you sending him?”

Bogasridhar said,” When is your need?”

Sadhvesh said,”It is an immediate need”

Bogasridhar said,”Oh , ok where are the documents dumped?”

Sadhvesh said,”It is in Kovilambakkam, we have a storage godown there”

Bogasridhar said,”Oh, he can go there and refer your name right ?”

Sadhvesh said,”Yes, I will inform the manager at the godown about the program”

Bogasridhar said ,”Is there somebody to pull out the documents and give it to him?”

Sadhvesh said,”Mmm.. I will send one of my office secretaries, who will be there to help Mr.Verunkanth”

Bogasridhar said,”Oh that will be fine”

Sadhvesh said,” Ok fine, thank you , if any help, please feel free to call me”

Bogasridhar said,”Sure, I will”

Sadhvesh said,”Ok Bye”

Bogasridhar said,”Bye, Have a nice day”

Bogasridhar cut the phone call.

Chapter 2 : The Assignment

Bogasridhar took the intercom and dialled to his secretary.

Secretary answered,”Yes sir”

Bogasridhar said,”Sheela, send Verunkanth to my room”

Sheela said,”Yes sir “

After two minutes, Verunkanth came inside Bogasridhar’s room.

Bogasridhar greeted him,”Good Morning Verun”

Verunkanth said,”Good morning sir”

Bogasridhar said,”I have an assignment for you”

Verunkanth said,”Yes sir, Please tell me”

Bogasridhar said,”You are aware of Sadhvesh’s Angerpoint consultancy right?”

Verunkanth said,”Yes sir”

Bogasridhar said,”There is an audit work on some valuation documents”

Verunkanth replied,”oh, ok”

Bogasridhar said,”So, I feel that you will be the right person to do it”

Verunkanth said,”Oh, fine”

Bogasridhar said,”Do you have any current project on hand?”

Verunkanth said,”Yes sir, I am in a design project”

Bogasridhar said,”Ok hand it over to Saravanan and you go for this assignment”

Verunkanth said,”Oh will do it sure”

Bogasridhar said,”I will send the details through a mail”

Verunkanth said,”when I need to be present there?”

Bogasridhar said,”Today afternoon”

Verunkanth said,”Sure sir, will be there”

Bogasridhar said,”Ok great”

Verunkanth said,”Can I make move?”

Bogasridhar said,”Yes sure, relax for a while and start the new assignment”

Verunkanth said,”Ok bye sir”

Bogasridhar said,”Bye, take care”

Chapter 3 : The Audit

It was the Godown of Angerpoint Consultancy in Kovilambakkam.

The Time was afternoon 2.30 p.m when Verunkanth reached the Godown at Kovilambakkam.

Verunkanth parked his two wheeler outside and went inside the Godown.

There was a man ready to welcome him.

The man said,”Hello Mr. Verunkanth”

Verunkanth said,”Hello sir…You are Mr…..?”

The Man said,”I am Pugazhendhi , the manager and Incharge of this Godown”

Verunkanth said,”Oh , nice to meet you sir”

Pugazhendhi said,”I received a call from our boss Mr.Sadhvesh today morning”

Pugazhendhi added,”He informed about the audit program and your arrival”

Verunkanth said,”Oh , Good”

Pugazhendhi said,”I have arranged a private room for you, where you can work”

Verunkanth said,”Oh, That is great sir”

Pugazhendhi said,”You will also get help from one of our employees Miss.Bindhu”

Verunkanth said,”Ok fine”

Pugazhendhi said,”You can be in your room, she will be here at any time here”

Verunkanth said,”Ok sir, I will be in my room, send her to my room when she arrives”

Verunkanth went into the room allotted for him and sat in a chair which was near to a table.

At 3 O Clock, a lady entered the room.

She was fair and white in colour in an orange saree, well dressed.

Verunkanth got stunned by her beauty,”Oh My God!”

She Smiled,”Good Afternoon sir”

Verunkanth said,”Hello madam”

Bindhu said,”Sadhvesh sir sent me for your help”

Verunkanth said,”Oh that is fine, please take your seat”

Bindhu said,”What is the program now?”

Verunkanth said,”We have some selective files to get audited”

Bindhu asked,”what are those files?”

Verunkanth took his laptop and switched on.

Verunkanth said,” I will give a print out from here, you please get me those files in the list”

Bindhu said,”Oh ok”

Verunkanth said,”The files will be in the dump and you can take the help of Mr.Pugazhendhi”

He was just talking, but his mind was not concentrating on work. It was enjoying the beauty of Bindhu.

He was blushing all the time he was talking to her.

She took the help of Pugazhendhi and brought all the documents to the table of Verunkanth.

Verunkanth audited the files, while she assisted him in some paper work.

Since, Verunkanth had experience in that field, Bindhu got attracted with his work.

Both of them were blushing at each other.

Verunkanth got attracted by her beauty, and Bindhu got attracted by his working style.

Evening they had coffee together.

Verunkanth asked,”Where are you coming from madam?”

Bindhu said,”I am coming from Kilpauk, where are you from?”

Verunkanth said,” I am from Adyar”

Bindhu said,”Oh, ok fine”

Verunkanth said,”How did you come today?”

Bindhu said,”I came by my scooty”

Verunkanth said,”Oh that is great”

Bindhu said,” Thank you”

Verunkanth said,”If you don’t mind, can I come with you till kilpauk while going home?”

Bindhu stumbled for a moment.

She did not expect such a question.

She said,”mmm…sir, I know to go home”

Verunkanth said,”Sorry madam, you will be going home alone, so, thought of accompanying you”

She laughed and said,”Sir, I thought you are a strong minded person”

Verunkanth said,”Yes I am strong only, but today I don’t know what happened?”

She answered, “Ok what should I do now?”

Verunkanth said,”I just want to come with you”

Verunkanth added ,” you can go in your scooter and I will just follow, that is all , just a company”

Bindhu said,”Ok, but please don’t come till Kilpauk, you can come till Nungambakkam”

Verunkanth smiled,”Oh that is great”

It was evening 7 O Clock, both of them decided to close the work for the day.

He rode his bike along with her scooter.

She was smiling all the time.

When Nungambakkam came, he stopped and she also stopped.

She said,”Bye”

He said,”Tommorow morning at what time you will cross this point?”

She said,”Sir, this is too much, you are getting carried away”

He said,”Sorry madam”

She said,”Ok no problem, please come by 8.30 a.m. at this same point, we will travel together”

He said,”Oh! Thank you ”

Both of them departed.

Chapter 4 : Crucial zone

The Next day morning, Verunkanth was waiting nearby the same Nungambakkam signal.

The time was exactly 8.30 a.m. and she came in the right time.

Verunkanth was happy, that his life has started to bloom.

They started from the signal together.

A car from their back came and hit Bindhu’s two wheeler.

Bindhu got thrown from the scooter and she got her legs injured.

Verunkanth shouted towards the car driver,”Oh! My God! You fool, Idiot”.

The driver came out of the car

A huge crowd of people got accumulated there.

Verunkanth jumped over the car driver and hit him in a rude manner using his hands.

Anger and tears exploded out of Verunkanth at the same time.

People around there pulled him from the car driver and controlled the fight.

A stranger called an emergency ambulance.

Verunkanth left his bike there itself and got into the ambulance.

They went to a nearby government hospital since it was an accident case.

The hospital authorities admitted her immediately and started the treatment.

Bindhu’s face also got injuries as a result of that accident.

After diagnosis, the doctor informed verunkanth that she had got her left leg fractured.

Bindhu’s purse and cellphone was with him.

So he took her cellphone and dialled her home.

The call got answered ,”Hello”

Verunkanth said,”Sir, My name is verunkanth, this is an emergency”

The other end said,”Who are you, what do you want?”

Verunkanth asked,”Sir, is this Bindhu’s home?”

The other end said,”Yes I am her father Arun”

Verunkanth said,”Sir, your daughter has met with an accident”

Arun exclaimed,”What? Accident, where are you now?”

Verunkanth said,”sir please come to the Central Government Hospital”

Arun said,”Oh! I will come immediately”

After twenty minutes, Arun’s total family was there at the hospital.

There was shoutings and cryings around there.

Verunkanth explained about the accident to Arun.

One more guy from Arun’s family came and spoke to him.

The guy said,”Hello sir”

Verunakanth said,”Hello”

The guy said,”Your name sir”

Verunkanth said,”My name is Verunkanth”

The guy said,”I am Pradeep, Bindhu’s uncle’s son”

Verunkanth said,”Yes sir”

Pradeep said,”Can we have a cup of coffee”

Verunkanth said,”Yes we can”

Both of them went to the Hospital canteen.

They ordered a coffee for each of them.

Whole sipping the coffee Pradeep asked,”By the way, who are you and why are you in the scene?”

Verunkanth startled for a moment and said,”mmm…. I am her friend”

Pradeep said,”Friend? For how long?”

Verunkanth said,” Two days”

Pradeep said,”Ok here after I should not see you in her life”

The words hit Verunkanth like a thunderbolt.

Verunkanth threw the coffee cup into the dustbin and said,”I just did my duty man”

Pradeep asked,”Where is your duty? Is it at nungambakkam signal?”

That question strangled him further. Verunkanth realised that he was  noted already.

Verunkanth tried to move away from there.

Pradeep caught hold of his shirt and said,”You don’t ever come again into her life”

Pradeep added,”she won’t work for that company again”

Verunkanth said,”Oh my god! Leave me you dirty fellow”

Pradeep then controlled his anger and left his shirt.

Without saying any word Verunkanth left the place.

Verunkanth’s mind was not in peace. He suspected that the accident could have been a framed one by Pradeep.

In the canteen, Pradeep took out his cellphone and dialled a number.

The other end answered,”Hello”

Pradeep said,”Hello Sharath”

Sharath answered,”Hello Pradeep, how are things going on there?”

Pradeep said,”Fine sir, you are a mastermind”

Sharath said,”I did it just for friendship man, don’t worry , she will be your girl only”

Pradeep said,”Sir, for that we could have done the accident to that guy verunkanth”

Sharath said,”if we have done it to him , bindhu would have got sympathy on him”

Sharath added,” which has a possibility of turning into love”

Pradeep said,”Yes sir”

Sharath said,”Now, we have the full control, she will be in bed rest for 2 to 3 months”

Sharath said,”And you have already scolded the guy”

Pradeep said,”Sir, you are a genius”

Sharath said,”Thank you man, he won’t come again”

Pradeep said,”Yes sir”

Sharath said,”Ok , I don’t like secrets to get out, do you understand that”

Pradeep said,”Sir, you have done me a big help, How will I leak your name?”

Sharath said,”If you are that much loyal to me, it is enough”

Pradeep said,”Sir , You are amazing”

Sharath said,”Ok Bye, call me hereafter only if required”

Pradeep said,”Ok bye sir, Thanks again”