It’s a story of person who was born to beg but he decided not to live like that for long. So, how he changed his destiny? The whole story is about his changing life.


He sings where there are tears, weeping and death. He had sung on more than four thousand deaths. This is a story of a funeral singer Vizi. Now, Vizi has got fame as playback singer and stage artist. He had even written books and different dramas but even now he don’t know to read and write. In 2014, he sang a song ‘Danga Mari’ which was part of Dhanush film. From here only, people came to know about him but those who know about his past can only know how to be a better person.

What decides your future? It’s you only and nobody else. Everyone have something special in their past but how Vizi had passed his past is the worst situation you can ever think. During his childhood days, he went to Chennai beach with his friends and collected garbage for their earnings. Even sometimes they had to beg for food and earnings. They lived near to graveyard in southern part of Chennai. There was a sex worker who sometimes gave some food to Vizi. That sex worker’s name was Vizi and that’s how Vizi got his name.

One day, that sex worker Vizi died and people started calling that garbage collecting boy Vizi. Before that Vizi didn’t have any name.

After this, Vizi needed to struggle to survive in this society and then he planned that he had to live anyhow. He started thinking all about himself and then he thought that maybe he was just born to beg. He was handicapped, maybe that’s why his mother left him in such a small age. He didn’t even know about his family background.

He started singing at the age of just seven years. He learnt singing from Karrapu Paryanar. Karrapu Paryanar was the person who made the corpse ready in graveyard and was known as graveyard person. When Vizi was growing up, he went to different places to sing. After a long time, he met N Muthuswami of Kothu Pattari Tamil theater group who introduced Vizi in the world of professional artists. From here only, he improved his Tamil language and started composing dramas. For the first time, when he sang at death ceremony of a small child then child’s mother gave him some rice and money happily. Now, Vizi is the name known to everyone and everybody calls him at death ceremony. Almost everybody knows Vizi as Funeral singer in Chennai. He don’t demand for payment even now for singing at funeral. Someone pays him Rs. 150 and someone pays Rs. 15000. After being so famous he hasn’t even changed his lifestyle. He even now wears black clothes and a pendant in neck made of bones. He has a latest release of songs in Pandiyoda Galta Thangla Album. He is the singer of Death songs and now he is known as ‘Marana Gana Vizi’.

If anybody decides to do something then he can generate a will and can do anything. That’s only how Vizi has not only generated a will but has also generated future for him. Nobody is born to beg until and unless he keep doing efforts. That’s how Vizi has just made efforts always to survive anyhow. He has set an example for those who just keep blaming for their present and have just a thought that they are born to beg. This person Vizi deserves the title “Person born in graveyard”.