In any kind of Job, there are some certain rules called as ethics. If the person handling it break those rules, then it can be called as unethical workmanship. Is that right or wrong to do an unethical work.Let us see how this story deals with an unethical work.


Chapter 1: The Day Job

Senthil was an owner of a two-wheeler mechanic shop. His Mechanic shop got located in the Perumal Koil street of Saidapet.

Senthil had a workshop and a small office room above the shop.

Senthil had four employees under his ownership.

They were Somu, Raju, Ravi, and Manoj.

They did all type of services for repairs in two-wheelers.

The day was 1st of January in the year 2008.

Senthil before starting his work in the New Year, he called his employees for a small meeting in the office.

Senthil said,”My dear friends, We all have done well in the last year”

Raju said,”Thank you, sir”

Senthil said, “This year we have to still work more”

Ravi said, “we will sir”

Senthil had sweets on his table. He gave each one of them one sweet box and wished them with “Happy New Year.”

Senthil then said,”Ok guys, you can go and continue your work”

Senthil again said,”Manoj, you can stay, the others can go to work”

Manoj stayed and the others went to work.

Senthil and Manoj were alone.

Senthil asked,” How are our secret plans going?”

Manoj said,”It is going good sir since we are doing it in night time only, our plan works well”

Senthil asked,”Last night where did you concentrate?”

Manoj said,”I did it in Kothavalchavadi street sir”

Senthil said,”You idiot, why are you doing it in such a nearest zone to our shop”

Manoj said,”if we concentrate on nearest area only, we will get business, else it will go to some other shop”

Senthil said,”Ok, which bike did you spoil?”

Manoj said,”It was a Pulsar”

Senthil said,”So we can expect a Pulsar Bike today?”

Manoj Said,”Yes Sir”

Senthil said,”Ok go for work, let me know if the bike comes to our shop”

Manoj said, “Ok Sir”

Manoj also went for work.

It was about 11 O Clock in the morning.

A guy was moving a Pulsar bike with his hand force and walking towards their shop.

The guy came and parked it before their shop.

The guy said,”Boy, please come here”

Manoj walked towards him and asked,”Sir, what is the trouble?”

The Guy said,”The bike is not starting, please look into it?”

Manoj diagnosed the bike.

After a while, he said,”Sir I think the engine got ceased”

The guy exclaimed,”Oh my god, engine cease?”

Manoj said,”Yes sir”

The guy asked,”How much it would cost for repairing it?”

Manoj said,”sir, it will depending on the level of complaints found inside”

The guy asked,”How much it would be approximate?”

Manoj said,”Around Rs.6000 to Rs.10,000”

The guy astonished,”Oh my God!”

The guy called some of his friends and enquired for the rates of other workshops.

Everybody said the price range in the same manner.

The guy had only this shop nearest to his house.

He said, “Ok sir, start working on it”

Manoj asked,”Sir if you give us some advance, it will be better”

The guy said,”how much you need?”

Manoj said,”Rs.3000”

The guy took out his wallet and took Rs.3000/- from his wallet.

Handed it over to Manoj.

The guy said, “When can I get my bike ready?”

Manoj said,”it will take at least 2 days sir”

The guy said,”Ok then take my phone number and call me while it gets ready”

Manoj took a pen and paper and asked,”Sir, what is your name?”

The guy said,”Prabhu”

Manoj then wrote the phone number he gave in his notebook.

Prabhu said,”Ok bye”

Manoj said,”Bye sir”

After he went, Manoj went upstairs to the room of Senthil.

Senthil asked,”What is the matter?”

Manoj said,”Sir, the bike has reached our shop only”

Senthil said,”Great job man”

Manoj gave the advance amount to him and said,”Here is the advance sir”

Senthil said,” You are great man”

Manoj said,”Thank you, sir”

Senthil asked,”Do all our guys have Job?”

Manoj said,”Yes sir”

Senthil said,”Ok then you first complete all the jobs and then hit a new one “
Manoj said,”fine sir”

Chapter 2: The Night Job

After three full days, it was a midnight Manoj was moving through the night’s darkness by walk.

He walked like a ghost and avoided streets with lights.

His eyes were hungry in search of a Bike which got parked out.

At last, he found a Kinetic Honda in Devu Naidu street.
He decided to malfunction it.

He selected that bike because it was dark around there and no street lights illuminated that spot.

He went and sat down in the darkness of the bike and did something in silence.

The silence of the night was present everywhere.

At times he will hear whistle sound of police going night rounds.

Whenever the sound hears near to him, he will stop working and sit idle without sound.

Since he sat behind the bike, he will be beyond the line of sight of a policeman moving on a bike.

He was working beyond fear.

After Half an hour his job was over.

He saw left and right of him, there were no signs of any people moving around.

He raised up and walked off in silence.

The next day morning, it was 9 O Clock, all the mechanics gathered in the office room of Senthil.

Senthil wished them,”Good Morning everybody”

Everybody wished,”Good morning sir”

Senthil said,”Ok you have done well, continue the same quality in your work”

Raju said,”Thank you, sir”

Senthil said,”Ok you people can go and Manoj can stay”

Manoj stayed and everybody went to work.

Senthil asked,”What about last night man?”

Manoj said,”Sir, I found a Kinetic Honda and applied reverse mechanics”

Senthil said,”Great man, is it near our circle?”

Manoj said,”Yes sir”

As they expected, they got the same Kinetic Honda to their workshop for repair.

Chapter 3: An Angry youth

It was the next midnight, and it was in the same saidapet, a dark man was walking alone.

He was not Manoj, the guy was somewhat different. He also used the same technique of walking through dark streets.

He reached Perumal Koil Street at the shop of Senthil which got closed.
He saw the shutter of the shop for a while.

His eyes got filled with anger.

He went near the shop and he was having a bag with him.
He opened the bag and took out a bottle.

It got filled with petrol.

He opened the bottle and poured it on the floor below the closed shutter of the shop.

The shop’s floor was full of oil and grease which got spread everywhere as a result of mechanic work.

The night was silent and no police whistles were there at that time.

It seems that they were doing rounds in another area.

The guy walked away from the shop and took a matchbox.

He lighted a match stick and threw it towards the shop’s gate.

It got fire and the gate was ablaze.

The fires spread inside the shop also by means of the petrol and oil spread on the floor.

The guy started running in a fast manner and vanished into the darkness of the next street.

From the next street, he walked slow.

His breathe normalized.

Senthil’s shop burnt and the bikes which were standing there for repair also burnt along.

The people around there got alarmed by the fire and many of them woke up trying to stop the fire.

One of the guy among the people knew Senthil’s mobile number it seems.

He called him, Senthil picked the call,”Hello”

He said,”Sir, this is Rajesh, Your shop is under fire”

Senthil exclaimed,”What?”

Rajesh said,”Urgent, please come immediately”

Senthil cut the call and urged to his shop.

He found everything burnt and people have already ceased the fire by pouring water.

He called Manoj through phone and informed him to come.

Manoj also came.

Both of them saw the scene.

Their shop and all the tools and spare parts were burnt and useless.

There were four bikes which had come to them for repair, which also got burnt.

Now they had to replace everything at their own cost.

Both of them got tears running through their eyes and it was a painful experience for them.

Chapter 4: Prabhu’s Home

(Next morning , In the home of Prabhu, whose Pulsar bike got serviced )

Prabhu’s cell phone rang and broke his sleep cycle.

Prabhu answered the call,”Hello”

The other end said,”Hello Prabhu, this is Sharath”

Prabhu said,”Yes Sharath, tell me”

Sharath told,”The operation is success, the Senthil’s mechanic shop is burnt down”

Prabhu said,”Oh my god! You are great man”

Sharath asked,”By the way, have you got your bike delivered?”

Prabhu said,”Yes it is safe”

Sharath said,”Ok, my boys confirmed it already, I just got it clarified”

Sharath told,”Unethical workmen should not exist”

Prabhu said,”Yes man, he has to feel for his mistakes”

Sharath told,”Ok, don’t leak the matter anywhere”

Prabhu said,”Sure man, have a nice day”

Sharath told,”Good day, bye”