It started off as any other ordinary day. My eyes would not open in the morning and my mother had to shake me awake. I bathed and dressed at breakneck speed.

I made it to class just in time My teacher was attended attendance when I slipped into the class-room. Soon we were busy wrestling with equations. My teacher, Mrs. Alka called out my name and asked me to come up to the blackboard.

I was struggling with the Maths problem my back to the class, when I heard a noise behind me … I turned round to see my pencil box hopping Up and down on my desk The girls shrieked and ran helter skelter. My friends shouted, “ghost-ghost” and jumped up onto the desk!

After bobbing up and down for a few minutes the pencil box finally came to rest. An eerie silence descended on the class-room. Advait gingerly lifted the lid of the pencil box with a long, wooden scale. Lo and behold! Out came a large green frog. The class burst into laughter and even Vanitha Ma’am managed a smile. Her relief was short-lived. Froggy to take a closer look at teacher and jumped from my desk onto hers. Soon Froggy was teacher’s desk and the teacher was standing on top of her chair. She was by now a mass of quivering jelly and we felt we had to save her. Thus began the”froggy chase”. Froogy, however, was no such easy catch and soon had us scurrving under the tables and chairs, the girls provided the background music with their shrieks and screams.

Then Sharkan had the bright idea of trapping Froggy with a bait and soon half of the class was outside, digging for insects and worms. But alas! When we went back to class, there was no sign of Froggy who had had enough of ‘Froggy’s Day Out, and had gone home.

As far as I can remember, ‘this close encounter of the Froggy kind, has been the funniest incident in my life so far.