“Daddy, what exactly does a de … de … de”.

I stuttered.

” It’s den-tist honey, “he said.

“Okay.What does a de..den dentist do?” I asked

“Well he does a number of things. He cleans and checks peoples teeth, gives you advice on taking care of your teeth and if you have a cavity, he fills it for you “Said Daddy.

We were sitting in a waiting room. After my reluctant journey, I had arrived at The Mount Hope Medical Complex.

A nervous tension crept steathily into my body, as a whimpering child emerging from the dentist’s office. Then the dental nurse announced that it was my turn.

I dreaded going into the office, but my determined parent dragged me along. Fear seeped into my body and at the same time I was filled with curiosity.

I entered the room. It was clean and filled with diplomas. The dentist, who was seated behind his desk, smiled and displayed, his clean, white, Ivory-like teeth.

He asked me, “You have a tooth shaking, right?”

I nodded.

” Well, “he continued,” It is my duty to put that tooth in my tooth collection. ”

He looked so kind and so friendly and his eyes twinkled so much, That I consented. I had to sit on a big chair while he washing his tools. I study the posters on the wall .Oral health, Tartar control, Brush twice a day…

When it was time for my tooth to be taken out, I quivered, But I was determined not to be daunted. As he pulled the tooth out, a nagging pain crept into my mouth, but it did not stay long.

When we eventually left, I had some new stickers and a new “reach tooth brush”

I was happiest of all because i had made a new friend.