“Come back here Betsy! Please come back!” my uncle cried His prized fowl, Betsy, ran away. He had to get her back because he was having an exhibition and she was one of the fowls to be put on display.

I went to his house to help him prepare for the show. Then suddenly, he shouted at me, “Hold that fowl.” I stopped him and calmed him down. He told me that Betsy had run away and that he had to get her back.

Betsy ran frantically down the road. She flew on top of Mrs. Elsie’s car. I grabbed her then under I tripped and she slipped out of my hand and flew into Mrs. Elsie’s house. She was starting to see the fowl on top of her priceless vase. She put her hand on top of her head when it started to rock.

Scat! Scool! ‘Shake,’ she shouted. Crash! The Crash! The vase broke into tiny pieces. I did not have time to explain to a cross Mrs. Elsie, I was back on the road chasing Betsy.

She flew up a tree. I climbed slowly after her. She flapped her wings and shook the branch. Fruits fell upon my head. Betsy was beginning to get on my nerves.

The this time she flew into a nearby grocery which was packed with people, who were amused to see a fowl on top of the counter cackling. She flew all around the store upsetting tins and bottles. She perched on the counter again. She looked down only to see a cat. She appeared as if she was shocked. I grabbed her was so glad it was over because I was very exhausted.

I returned her to my uncle who by now was thinking that his fowl was killed. When he saw her he was overjoyed.

He thanked me sincerely and he told me that if he needed to catch a fowl he would call me. He gave me twenty dollar bill as a reward. This was the most exciting day of my life.