Dreams do turn into reality. Many have heard people saying this, but I have experienced this to have happened in my life for real. Ever since my childhood, I was quite different from the rest of my friends. My parents always told me to sleep and would also tell me that I would have lovely dreams in my sleep. But, I never wanted to sleep as a child. I used to play, play and play, the whole day out. I used to sleep on the couch, tired, and would always be surprised to see myself lying on my bed, the next morning. I really believed I used to teleport myself from the couch to the bed (But the reality is that, my parents would take me to the bed). These small things that I used to think made me happy.

I really loved those days, when I would teleport from one place to another just being in the arms of everyone. Everywhere I wanted to go, I was taken.

But destiny had something else for me in the kitty.. Having introduced me to this cunning world, destiny left a lot for me to ponder upon.

Time flew and I became a much more relaxed and responsible human being. I started saving instead of spending. I realized quite early that this world works on two things, power and money. If you have any of the ones in excess, then you will have a stand in the society, this is the bitter truth that we do not want to accept!!

Now that I am grown up, I have no time to sleep, whereas I really want to at this point of the time. But now my schedule didn’t allow me to have any more sleep during the day. The power-naps ensured I had enough sleep to complete my work and be fit do perform my endeavors.

Today, I have achieved everything at this point of my career that I wanted to. When I sit back and look at those golden childhood days, I would laugh and sometimes tears would come out of my eyes. When I realize I have grown up, the first thing that I compromised was my sleep. Because someone has rightly said that, “When you grow up, sleeping is no more a punishment, but a reward. ” Yes, it obviously it is!!

As per now, I am pursuing engineering from one of the most reputed colleges in India and I am really looking forward to my career. I want to carry out with the CAT in the future life and want some sound sleep in my life.

Taking you all the readers back to my childhood days, when my parents used to tell me to have some sleep and to have lovely dreams, but I didn’t, it was because I always had thoughts of growing up and giving up my sleep, which actually came true in future. My fear came back to me when I realized that I had the same dream once again and I woke up suddenly. In the end, I would like to say is that Dreams do come true and they turn into the reality.

Please follow your dreams, but at the same time, follow your sleep too, for it is a necessary evil!!